Facebook Spam Targeted Opt-Out

And you thought all Facebook spam could be blocked by Adblock? Me too, but I had Adblock turned off for some reason and saw a page that looked like a page I was following in the middle of my friends postings. However it was a page that I would have never followed so I was confused. I clicked on the down arrow that said why am I seeing this and was lead to the below page:


Upon discovering this Facebook page “Your Ad Preferences” I was shocked to see all the companies listed that Facebook had spamming me. Companies that there is no way in the world I would agreed to or wanted. A TV shows that I may have mentioned in a comment once or twice. I felt like Facebook was peeping in my windows!

When you click Undo you get a popup saying:

Removing Preferences
When you remove a preference, well no longer show you ads based on it. You may still see similar ads based on your other preferences. Editing your preferences impacts the relevancy not the amount of ads you see.

Some you may want to save if you enjoy seeing such things, but myself, I dont care for any spam, targeted, or not!

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