Facebook Down For FireFox Users

Did you notice your Facebook loading blank pages or only the toolbar and the left side? Facebook is partially down right now. By partially I mean for Firefox users.

Facebook did an update Monday and since that update FireFox users across the board are no longer able to access Facebook. I suggested when this happened that it was simply a Firefox issue as I could access it via Chrome.

After several tweets, complaints and mentions to Facebook gone ignored I thought Id write this entry to warn others what the issue is.

You can either update your browser to a version of FireFox 16 or higher or like me, you can wait it out. I refuse to update my browser for social media.

Facebook is losing a ton of revenue that this has transpired for over three days now. Many users have voiced their anger upon http://downrightnow.com/facebook

Youd think something this important would have been mentioned on the news or tech networks all over the internet. This has fallen on dead ears for now.

Just know you arent alone. There is a fix, if you decide to do it. http://www.oldversion.com/ Thats the link where you can find any version you desire.

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