Who’s been trying to get in YOUR Hotmail/Live/MSN/Outlook Mail?

I didn’t know about this!


I discovered a few months ago after the security of one of my accounts was compromised an interesting page. I had to change my password, and in the process, there are a series of steps to go through. Codes sent, entered, passwords changed, more codes sent and entered.

THEN … I was given the chance to see this page:


It was a very interesting read into my online activity as far as certain accounts goes. For instance, I was totally unaware I was attempting to log in from Iran. Or Africa. Or, later on that afternoon, from Austria. I was surprised to find I am such a world traveler. Those are only a few of the places someone has attempted to access some of my accounts.

So, now we come to the basic reason for this particular post. Security. Part of your security is based on a strong password…

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