Paid to Drive Scammers – A Warning, and Example

Annika’s has several websites that paid you to drive by placing ads upon your car. These are legitimate websites. However there has been an increase of scammers sending emails like the below:



The subject line of the emails:

ATTENTION!!! Driving Advert Urgently Needed
Red Bull Paid-To-Drive Campaign




Driving Advert We are currently seeking to employ individual’s within the state, to simply drive their Vehicle with our advert on it. Requirement: -Must have CLEAN driving record! -Knowledge of roads very helpful! Email me with any info regarding your experience and your availability for data and consideration, looking to hire ASAP! Kind Regards, Chris Robert




At The Brand Consultancy, we are dedicated to furthering the prosperity and health of the beverage industry by providing beverage expertise to our clients.

On behalf of Red Bull, we are currently seeking everyday drivers to place removable Red Bull Energy Drink advertisements on their cars, thereby turning your daily commute into a money-making venture.

Selected participants would be paid $200 a week to drive around with removable ads on the sides and hood of their vehicle.

The ads to be placed on your vehicle are decals. The decals are adhesive, made of vinyl specifically used for cars. They are designed to be removed by drivers; they simply peel off without harming the paint of your car.

From car wash to finish, installation optimally takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by sending us an email.


Mark Morris The Brand Consultancy US NY 10012



The Red Bull Energy Drink Company is asking all car or truck owners with driver’s license , who are above 18 -65 years of age to advertise with their car for Redbull Energy Drink . You will be receiving $500 weekly as the payment for allowing Redbull Energy Drink wrap your car, if interested shoot me an email for further details . Regards, Chris Clough Hiring Manager, Redbull Media House 2014©




The above emails are al spam not the real thing and I’m sharing to educate you. No paid to drive company will email you out of the blue. In fact no legitimate company will email you out of the blue. You have to sign up for something in order to get anything. This applies to survey, market research, focus groups, a foreign diplomat at an airport.

If you wish to sign up for Paid To Drive here’s the link:

What many don’t realize about these paid to drive offers is you have to have a GPS installed and sometimes other equipment that cost money.


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