The Dollar Tree Makeover

baupload lastFor a while my mind was running on how to remake the attic closet that has a Gable vent. It was a big mess from the previous owner allowing the roof to have three layers and leaking. So I knew whatever I came up with, had to be good.

While in the local Dollar Tree the idea came to me. Using Foamboard I could easily makeover the closet. But that wasn’t all. I picked up two touch lights, and contact paper instead of wallpaper. I ended up using a staple gun instead of nails, and a previous old can of paint that I added water to make it thinner. It wasn’t like this was a bedroom after all! And I wasn’t about to ditch a gallon of paint that had never been used. I made sure to use filtered water and only enough to make it as thick as a primer coat would be.

So my Dollar Tree makeover was a mere $25!

• 12 rolls of contact paper (1 unused)
• 2 touch lights
• 11 Foamboards


* Disclaimer: I am not recommending to do this, I merely am sharing how I saved money and fixed a closet that’s all about appearances and nothing more.


1phot2photo 53photo 4 5photo 2

IMG_1749 IMG_1754


phot 1phot 3


baupload last
Before                                                                           After

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