Superpoints is back baby yeah!

SuperPoints is a network where you can earn points and redeem them for prizes. The more points you earn the better the redemptions such as PayPal, Amazon and more!

It looks like they have relaunched! I had to sign up again and so will you, if you are or were a member. It looks like they have figured out the math to last this time. I had emailed them in the past and told them if they didn’t have enough income coming in they wouldn’t last. Sadly, that proved true. This time they offer upgrades you can pay for and earn more! That impressed me, plus the many other things they now have going on besides the Superpoints Lucky button!

The “SuperLucky Button” you get to press it a certain amount of times per day to see if you win. Basically it’s an instant win game you can play each day! You win points which you redeem things for.

It’s fun and fast to earn!

  • The FASTEST way for you to earn Superpoints is to invite your friends using your unique referral link . You will get Superpoints for each person that becomes a member using this link, and they’ll earn you bonus points too.
  • Unlock better rewards with XP.  You get XP for everything you do on Superpoints, like reading your email, signing in, recruiting new members, completing surveys, and so much more! Be sure to even logging in every day.  The faster you accumulate XP, the faster you will unlock the next level, and more prizes.
  • We will email you one advertisement every day, these emails are how the website remains stable and affords payout.  If you unsubscribe from emails, or click the “spam” or “junk” button, they will cancel your account and delete all your points.  So don’t unsubscribe or report these emails as spam/junk if you want to stay a member!!

To sign up click here.

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