Increase in Fake Twitter Followers

In the past three months there has been an increase in Fake Followers. They are pretty easy to spot though as the name of the user may appear to be very American, like the picture. Clancy Bond, but if you look at his actual username it’s totally unrelated to his actual name. This is the first clue that you are gaining these fake Twitter followers that are selling followers.

ph   oto 

Some may appear to be tweeting actual content as well, quotes and such but then you look over their header and it’s the other shot here:
ph oto 1

I use to block these users which was about 20/30 a day. I got tired of it and now just let them build up my following numbers. I have tweeted to them and direct messaged them as well to get them to stop. Still no luck!

So I can only write and inform you, to be on alert. While I realize these fakes are causing my numbers to appear bad, there is simply nothing that can be done. Twitter doesn’t do anything when you report them so why waste the time. Simply do not follow these ‘bots’ back and allow them to pad your numbers. In the mean time make sure those you do follow, follow back as well as are active. Other wise your numbers could appear really bad to businesses wishing to work with you on reviews, giveaways, contests, or just in general.

Wishing you the best of luck on your social media following!

On a side note if you happen to be one of these people and your account was hacked or whatever, 1 change your username so it matches somewhat your ‘real name’. Secondly change your header which you can do by going to Twitter settings and click on Design.

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