FGFinder Double Nexus Giveaway Scam

This is a REBLOG from http://voiceofamylynn.blogspot.com/2014/12/fgfinder-double-nexus-giveaway-scam.html  to make sure the word spreads!

Christmas day 2014, I and well over 20 other people were emailed informing us we won FGFinder Double Nexus Giveaway! At first I thought nothing of it. I’ve had plenty of scam emails, and winning (real prize emails.) I headed over to the site, filled in the contact form then set it aside. But something kept bothering me. The fact that the email said we have 48 to 72 hours to claim without a set date and time mentioned in the email. Then I noticed how the “name” of the company didn’t match the name of the actual company. It listed it as focus pointe global which is a real legit paying survey company.

I had always wondered about FGFinder in the respects they post a ton of focus groups that don’t seem to result in anything but take you to their page where they are paid for your view. How do I know this, ads. Google ads, and clone ads that are text are paid ads. Regular banner ads don’t generally earn a person income unless clicked and a sign up occurs.

So then my quest for research began. Their Facebook fan page, and Google plus page were full of well over 100 people claiming they won the FG Finder Double Nexus Giveaway. How is this possible when FGFinder claims it was only giving away 20 and more on December 31st?

I also noticed during this time frame FGFinder couldn’t be bothered to respond to their Facebook fan page postings, only G+. Perhaps because of the strict TOS that Facebook has. Google lets you get away with real crime and no one can seem to do anything about it. Gmail spammers case in point.

The scam post can be found here: http://www.fgfinder.com/blog/you-could-win-a-google-nexus-6-and-a-nexus-9-with-the-double-nexus-giveaway

Which they deleted so here’s the cache: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:3OXeV_6RAQ0J:www.fgfinder.com/blog/you-could-win-a-google-nexus-6-and-a-nexus-9-with-the-double-nexus-giveaway+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

and the screenshot of the page:  feel free to click to enlarge.


This is what the FGFinder Double Nexus Giveaway scam email looks like:


After we got that email well after 72 hours another email showed up:


On FGFinder G+ page they deleted the topic after a young lady stepped up and outted the actual FGTeam accounts. FISHY! Ms Sophia Wisdom who lives in NY.

FGFinder also  keeps deleting comments off their Facebook fan page including postings sharing that everyone needs to file a report at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Also, how exactly can they send our “prizes” when they have yet to ask for our mailing address, only our email, and city.

Be sure if you were one of the scammed, you save everything like I did. Screenshots, copies of the emails etc. As you will need this for filing your complaint. Many are suggesting to go to the NY BBB.org and file a complaint there as well as the Attorney Generals office.

UPDATE: After the publication of this blog, FGFinder posted on my G+ timeline:

FG finder asked me to delete this entry because they don’t want word spreading of their scam.
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One Response to FGFinder Double Nexus Giveaway Scam

  1. Thank you Amy, I got this same email and the two sites were just not connecting and today it was still bothering me, because i received an email for Focus Pointe Global and i just couldn’t see how a legitimate company could do this? Thanks for your research and Oh my, what a ill written apology letter you received from them (FG Finder). Good job!

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