SendEarnings, one of the most exclusive survey companies on the Internet, may be making an unusual decision.

There is some serious talk of limiting the number of survey-takers they allow to join. This change could go into effect any day now.

Why? Because they are getting a ton of bad survey-takers. They were paying excellent rewards (including $5 as soon as you register) to their survey takers, but not getting good results.

So they just want serious survey-takers. People who are really interested in doing legitimate surveys for good money.

So if you’re just dabbling in this, don’t bother in Send Earnings.


If you’re serious about taking surveys at home and want the highest payouts, be sure to sign up for SendEarnings now. I don’t know how soon they’re closing so go sign up ASAP!

Take advantage of it now before they stop taking new survey takers completely.

It will take you three minutes to sign up with them. You can use this link: SendEarnings
TIP: You MUST remain active or you will lose your account. This is the most stupidest thing any market research company could do. This is why Send Earnings has all these cheaters. They keep shooting themselves in their foot then complaining about it later. REALLY Stupid! In order to remain active you are FORCED almost like blackmail to do searches, surveys, etc. WEEKLY. If you don’t before you know it, BAM your account is gone. This can really piss a person off when they have money stored in their account and are gold level! I know, because it has happened to me. I’m on my THIRD, yes third account. Why do I keep joining? Honestly, cause it is easy to earn. It’s just impossible for me to stay active because I’d be breaching their TOS, my TOS AND the many affiliate companies TOS I belong to. I’m already a part of every survey panel ever invented (it feels like) and I don’t do internet coupons.  Send Earnings has no videos even though they claim they do, the games suck and are lame, and the search results are just about the worst on the planet. But hey money is money right?

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