Fasting isn’t all just about giving up food. You can give up all kinds of things for a fast. But they need to be things you love, enjoy, addicted to etc. You know, hard to give up. Like let’s say you give up internet usage for two to four hours, or television for a week. Something you feel is important, and would be considered a loss. Giving up something that doesn’t matter, is not the core of fasting.

What is the purpose of fasting? Well some people do it for the purpose of dieting and though that may be great for them, it’s not how it fasting is designed. Fasting in the Christian faith is to give up something for the purpose of being closer to God. It’s a purity of yourself and mind. You spend time praying, being at peace and gaining strength in your relationship with Christ. I also find I learn things because I’m less distracted, and open.

Have I fasted? Yes, several ways. And just because you aren’t hungry doesn’t mean you are fasting. That’s skipping the purpose. You are meant to suffer during this time frame. Just like Jesus in the desert being tempted by Satan to eat. It’s not easy, the good path never is. Temptation is all around us.

Many people are unable to give up food due to health reasons, so please don’t feel pressured to give up food. Be sure if you decide to give up food, you consult a medical professional. You can give up certain types of foods as a fast too. Something you eat everyday that you know if bad for you but so good you enjoy it. Candy, gum, etc you know!

It’s always a blessing to fast with another, as the power of prayer in fellowship is always spirit filling.

I wish you success in your fasting and growth in your relationship in whomever you believe is the powerful being.

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