Tiny Details Work at Home Rip Off

I maintain a work at home website, and decided to recently update it with the expansion of assembly jobs and artisan jobs.  I was looking over about 300, and found one that looked really awesome. It was creating tiny things for a dollhouse. The website Tiny Details even rated how hard the projects would be to create. Being a crafter, this was right up my alley!

I proceeded to pay Tiny Details $55 for the kit, which I would get my $55 back, plus $50 for the work, and $4 for shipping.  This seemed cool; I could do the projects while I was watching TV.

Right away, I started to encounter red flags. I called the company on a weekend to ask about a kit. The message on the phone said they are only open Tuesday through Friday. What kind of business didn’t open on a Monday had me peeked. Tuesday at noon, I had not received a call. Therefore, I called again, to get the same message. I left my details again. Then at four, I called again, after I had emailed a couple hours before hand with still no reply. I finally got a hold of someone who gave me the answers I was looking for. He was friendly. I went ahead, and ordered. It was $58 due to shipping fees. Red flags for not being professional enough to do call backs, and adding extra fees.

When the kit finally came, I was excited, and disappointed at the same time. I didn’t realize I would be cutting out the calendars as well as the background of the calendars. I could tell, being an artist myself that there was no way anyone could cut the calendar backgrounds out and not leave a bit of white trim simply because of the way poster board cuts. Yet another red flag.

There were four sheets of directions, and point blank stated imperfections are not acceptable. You have to send a sample of your work before you can continue with the project. Red flag number four; they didn’t include a sample as stated. In addition, the plastic bags only contain 100. Sending off your sample leaves you 99 to send in. Tiny Details states how they won’t pay for odd numbers, and without your sample you will not get your deposit of $55 back. Tiny Details also put a time limit on when the projects were due back. There is no way to get them to them in the allotted timeframe when you have to send a sample, and wait for its approval. The Tiny Details kit also comes with cheap glue, not Elmer’s, not a good sign.

I went ahead, and started creating the Tiny Details demo to send in, when re-reading the paperwork I decided to do some research on the internet. I discovered I had been duped. I wasn’t going to be paid for my work, and I wasn’t going to get my money back. I was crushed, I was going to advertise this, and share the news with everyone. I do after all have a large member base, readers, and Facebook fans who all would love to work from home. It was a risk, and a lesson learned. One I don’t regret, because it’s a tax write off as well as a hard lesson learned.

I have decided to go ahead and create the product, and sell it at craft shows. I’ll make back that $55 and then some!

I have no problem with paying upfront for products to create for other companies. They are after all putting trust in you to deliver back to them the finished product. There are assembly artisan work at home jobs that do not require a up front payments. More can be found here: http://www.amylynn.org/home

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