Baptism, Salvation and Churches Falling Short

Baptism, and salvation in general, may wash away sin, but it doesn’t stop the sin that’s within.

What I mean by this is, the sin one commits that doesn’t know is sin. Example – How are you to know something you are doing, or even have already done is a sin, if you’ve not read the Bible, been to church, or spoken to an elder? Let’s use pride as an example. Pride can be a sin when you put yourself above God, or God’s laws. Such as a parent being proud of their son knocking up a young lady out of wed lock. This can be a two for one. First sin of pride of breaking God’s laws, and second supporting the sin, by being proud of it. Being supportive of a child, and being proud is two different things.

I could give loads more examples, but this day and age, I am certain the example I just gave will already strike a cord with a large number of individuals. If I have, consult your local church before committing another sin by responding out of anger, jealously, etc, instead of love.  This isn’t a personal attack toward you, but wisdom into the way things are meant to be. Society has twisted things to be so far from God, it’s impossible to go through a day without seeing, committing, or hearing about someone’s sin.

Baptism, and salvation in general, should always be followed with a form of counseling. The church is responsible for the souls in it.  Would you leave a newborn baby by the wayside to fend for itself? Handing a newly won child of God a Bible, isn’t enough, yes it’s a starting point, a map, but certainly not a GPS.

This is where churches fall short in following through with Christ. I found myself, after getting saved, being tossed by the way side. Not just once but twice. When I was baptized when I was twelve, and again when I was nineteen. The only reason why I didn’t just give up on my walk with Christ is, I’m curious about everything. I read every religious book I could get my hands on after my salvation. I wanted to know what exactly it was that I experienced. I follow nothing blindly, and I didn’t want to be conned. It would have been wonderful to receive a call from the Pastor of the church, an elder, someone, anyone, but nothing happened. I had gone to the church I got saved in for about two years afterward. I stood by watching one soul after another being won to Christ, and tossed aside, as though it was some sort of contest to get people saved, then leave them high, and dry. Just because a person goes to church doesn’t make them any more of a Christian, then standing in your garage makes you a car.

Being lost, and confused after salvation is a very dangerous place to be. Not only is the newborn Christian open to attack, but open to falling back into sinful ways they may not necessarily be knowledgeable of. So I ask you, my fellow Christians, leaders of the Church, elders, and all around members of whatever church you attend, to take the step when someone gets saved, or baptized, lend a hand, help guide, and nurture the seed that’s within, because if it wilts, there was no victory to begin with.

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