13 Responses to How To Remove Yourself From Someone’s Twitter List

  1. Very useful. Thanks a lot. It’s really easy : click on the profile picture next to the list. Check if it’s a follower. Just remeber that if you block a follower, he won’t be anymore, even if you unblock right after blocking. I blocked and unblocked all people adding me on lists i don’t wanna belong to. Of course, twitter does not communicate on that solution 😀

  2. dwitehawk says:

    I saw that someone had added me to a list, but when I followed your instructions I didn’t find the “Member of”. I guess I’m not on any list.

  3. someone added me to an offensive list, then blocked me. so i am on the list and unable to block and remove myself from the list. any suggestions? twitter help/support is useless.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      If they blocked you it removed you from the list as well. But if for some odd reason that is not the case, yes I can help. Give me a few. I have to grab the links.

      EDIT: Ok, here’s this, if you have another account https://blocktogether.org/ Block the person, share the list with yourself then it will block that person too.

      • Amy, I had someone add me to a horribly named list, but their Twitter acct no longer exists. I cannot remove myself from it because of this, even though it still shows 300+ members are still members.

        I’ve written Twitter several times, including to @jack, but no one is answering my concern.

        Is there any other way to get rid of this offensive list?

      • Amy Lynn says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t understand. If the twitter account is gone, it’s gone.

  4. The list, however, remains. A real pity since the user’s name who set it up no longer has an acct.

    Thanks anyway.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      I see it now (I see your account on Twitter). Let me see what I can find out.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      OK I contacted support. When they removed the user they didn’t FLUSH the user. So their lists are still there with broken links. “https://lists/blahblah” you need to make sure to copy that broken link (on twitter) and let them know. Hopefully they will NOW understand it.

  5. Unfortunately, Amy, this page to add my concern is not working. I get the following when I hit ‘Submit’ after entering all the info: “There was an error preventing ticket submission. Please try again later.”

    I’ve been trying for an hour, starting to think this is no longer a working page.

    So frustrating. 😦

  6. Update: The support ticket finally went through. Thanks again, Amy, for the help!

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