4 Responses to How To Remove Yourself From Someone’s Twitter List

  1. Very useful. Thanks a lot. It’s really easy : click on the profile picture next to the list. Check if it’s a follower. Just remeber that if you block a follower, he won’t be anymore, even if you unblock right after blocking. I blocked and unblocked all people adding me on lists i don’t wanna belong to. Of course, twitter does not communicate on that solution 😀

  2. dwitehawk says:

    I saw that someone had added me to a list, but when I followed your instructions I didn’t find the “Member of”. I guess I’m not on any list.

  3. someone added me to an offensive list, then blocked me. so i am on the list and unable to block and remove myself from the list. any suggestions? twitter help/support is useless.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      If they blocked you it removed you from the list as well. But if for some odd reason that is not the case, yes I can help. Give me a few. I have to grab the links.

      EDIT: Ok, here’s this, if you have another account https://blocktogether.org/ Block the person, share the list with yourself then it will block that person too.

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