Stop Calendar in Windows Live Mail from Syncing With Send and Receive

Windows Live Mail client can be a blessing when you don’t have another email client to use. But it can also be a pain if it’s the only thing you have. The problem with Windows Live Mail is it wastes a heck of a lot of time updating things that frankly you don’t need updated. When I want my email, just download it!

The Calendar aspect of Windows Live Mail isn’t necessary and an annoying time waster. You are left sometimes a five full minutes waiting for everything to finish syncing before you can even see any new emails. I’ve even made sure mine has nothing on it, so why it would keep syncing, I have no clue.

There is an easy remedy for this annoying problem, and it doesn’t involve deleting your account, or even your calendar. I’ve heard of people editing their windows registry as well as deleting files from the hard drive. Neither of those suggestions will fix this issue, and may cause harm to your Windows Live Mail client. Don’t risk it!

To stop your calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing with send and receive bring up the client. Once Windows Live Mail is open, go to tools, and then select options, under options select connections. Then under “Connecting to Windows Live Services” select “Stop signing in.” Yes it really is as simple as that.

The downfall to doing this is Windows Live Mail losses your address book from time to time and you have to upload it. So if you have a lot of contacts make sure you have your address book saved somewhere. There is no way to avoid the loss of your address book it’s just something you have to put up with. And I think that it’s worth it. It’s much quicker to upload your address book then it is to wait on the calendar to stop syncing.

The great thing is that when you stop your Calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing it makes your email send and receive time cut in half!

I figured this out after doing a lot of testing, I did go through the editing registry, and deleting files on my hard drive to be sure this was the only real working method. I discovered it when I was going through the options menus. It took a lot of time tinkering till I finally found the answer. If by chance this doesn’t work for you, please let me know. I am interested in finding out why.

Don’t forget to remove your calendar by un-checking the box at the bottom. You can’t delete or remove it via their format but un-checking it will preventing the further syncing.

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11 Responses to Stop Calendar in Windows Live Mail from Syncing With Send and Receive

  1. Is there a way to not sync the calendar, but still have access to contacts?

    • How to fix a Calendar Sync Error in Windows Live Mail. Had to find it myself. Windows LM is trying to sync with a MS account which supports email, contacts and calendar. If the email account you are using is NOT a MS account you may get a -Cannot sync- type error. The fix is to have it NOT try to sync. Open windows live mail, click the calendar. In the upper right is a login tab. Logout. It will no longer try to access and calendar.

  2. Paul! Thanks sooooo much! I did just as you said and viola! No more calendar syncing!! Emails download FAST now!

  3. Amy,

    I did the fix to this problem like you suggested, and, since I didn’t read the entire post, I didn’t realize that my contacts would go away. Well, they did, and I didn’t know how to restore them, so I went in and undid the fix which, thankfully, restored my contacts.

    What undoing the fix did not do, however, is my “Safe sender’s list” is gone, so now every time another safe sender sends me an email, I have to click “Add to safe sender’s list”.

    In short, I’m sorry that I ever read your post. I know that you meant well, but it really caused me a lot of problems.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      Maybe if you would have read the whole post to begin with that might not have happened. Plus who knows what damage the “undo fix” did in the process. I never had it happen to me and I have a very extensive “safe sender’s list”.

  4. To resolve the contact issue, I exported the contacts (File/Export/Business Card) to a folder on my computer while still connected to my Hotmail account through Windows Live Mail. The I followed the procedure above to “Stop signing in”. All of my Hotmail contacts disappeared. I then imported the contacts (File/Import) from the folder I had saved the contacts to. I selected all the VCF files in the folder. So now, all of the contacts that were online are now stored locally on my computer and accessible without being logged in.

  5. austintx100 says:

    Paul! Thanks a lot!!!

  6. M Theriot says:

    Ever since Redmond broke Windows Live Mail by disabling syncing anything but mail, my client has faithfully attempted to sync the calendar every time I opened the program. I can’t tell you how many times an outgoing email has stalled in the outbox because the damn client was trying to sync to something that didn’t exist anymore!!!! Thank you so much for the tip – I missed that section of Options the 100 or so times I tried looking for how to stop this monster from terrrorizing the village. It’s a shame – I actually used and depended on the calendar, synced to my Google calendar to keep everything up to date on our network. No more. There’s some new magic client in Win10 that does it better — bah!

  7. Bart Thijs says:

    There is a workaround , avoiding syncing the calender, but still keep logged in for having access to your contacts: in settings: disable the automatically syncing when opening live mail.
    Then when live mail is opened , find the syncing button , but push the arrow down and chose syncing all emails instead of syncing all.
    evntually you can add this button to the very upper bar.
    so it s a good fix and it requires only 1 extra click and let sync your email very fast.

    • Geoff C says:

      Bart Thijs wrote, “and chose (sic) syncing all emails instead of syncing all.”

      Thanks! This is actually THE CORRECT FIX for this problem.

      Signing out not only creates issues with your safe senders, blocked senders, and contacts, it also prevents OneDrive (nee SkyDrive) from synching if you use that feature. Using this fix (update all EMAILS vs. update *all*) does exactly what you want. You stay logged into your account, you preserve all of your contacts, etc., and you do NOT update Windows Live Calendar.

      — G

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