Avoid virus attachments in email

In light of the new virus going around that locks down your computer for a ransom I’ve come up with something that could be useful.

If you are in Outlook / Windows Live Mail

Go to tools – Message Rules – Mail – Create new. Under select the conditions for your rule Tick “When the message has an attachment” then go to the “Select the actions for your rule” and tick “move it to the specified folder” then select “Highlight it with color” and select a color that stands out click ok.

Now when messages come in that contain the virus you will have a chance to review it before you delete it.

In Hotmail

Click the gear icon by your name. Then click on filters and reporting. At the bottom where it says block content from unknown senders click block attachments and then press save.

In Yahoo

There is no way to avoid the viruses, that’s how much Yahoo cares about your security.

In Gmail

Click the gear then click settings. Click filters then at the bottom click create a new filter. Click “has attachment” click “create filter with this search” then you can tick delete it, skip the inbox or any number of other things. Click Create filter.

This should help you avoid viruses in email attachments.

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