What is your worth?

There is a new disturbing trend in working at home and businesses thinking they can use and abuse others. But I think the saddest is the people who continue to put up with it. The biggest abuser of their members is the Influencer Network.

Influencer wants their users to do virtual voxboxes as well as real ones with ONE item that might be $5. In order to complete the voxbox you are to do:

  • A blog review
  • A review on Twitter complete with photo.
  • A review on Facebook complete with photo.
  • Sometimes a Youtube video.
  • Sometimes a photo/video on Instagram.

Is all that worth it? I think not. Many companies with pay users upward to $25 for a tweet of their product on Twitter. A Facebook review can gain you upwards $50. A Youtube video, can get you $75! I’m sorry but Influencer is screwing people ROYALLY. Their prizes should you win, are crap! I wouldn’t even do what they are doing and I’m pretty tight with my money. Social media is a quick easy income for both parties.

Every time Influencer thinks they are going to give me a virtual Voxbox I ignore it, and will keep on doing so. I’M worth more! Aren’t YOU?!

If we ban together companies such as Influencer will be forced to provide their members with what they are worth.

Smiley360 SOMETIMES does this trend as well but often the products that you have been selected to receive is actually worth what you are being asked to do! Influencer forces you to do it or never again get a Voxbox again. At least with Smiley360 there are no hidden games. You usually know what is required to finish the mission. No hidden agenda. They point blank ask if you are willing to share and if not then I’m going to guess you don’t get the mission. I’ve personally never selected that I wouldn’t share. I share a photo by default so it’s no biggie. Asking me to blog on the other hand, I may indeed say no. Marketing for free isn’t worth it.

I admit it is exciting to get these products for free, but it’s not free when it comes with all the above work.

***Please note the figures above for social media sharing depend upon your followers, connections, product, target, membership, affiliates, job title, status of account, and other undisclosed factors. ****

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