Delete all Twitter DM’s Easily

twitterTwitter is a great quick easy way to socialize, as well as share data on just about anything. What is horrible is the application either PC, or mobile. I don’t think the Twitter programmers even USE the application. One of the biggest problems just so happens to be the time a user would spend deleting DM’s. DM’s are Direct Messages or private messages.

There are many applications out there that auto send a DM to users who follow them. Considering you can follow 1000 users a day providing you are over 2000 followers… those DMs add up fast. I admit I don’t really read DM’s. The only time I have read a DM is when it’s completely necessary.  Other wise I ignore about 99.9% of them. You can not honestly carry on a talk in limited characters that’s worth anyone’s time. Business should not be handled that way.

So I went on a quest on how to delete ALL or most of my DM’s with little or no time. I admit on the ipad it’s like a game on how fast you can delete them. However, I honestly have no time to waste.

I found this application: Twitter DM Cleaner is pretty straight forward. You connect your account, by authorizing the application. It loads your DM’s then you select your choice of deletion. Then press apply.  After its done go to settings in Twitter, then apps, click revoke access on DMCleaner.

I’d like to note that after you use it, go to your settings and delete the permissions in Twitter. Just to be safe. I can’t say 100% that this site or any other on the internet is safe.  So I don’t want to be blamed should you start posting things by random. Remove access!

Sometimes if you have too many DM’s it may take several tries. Be sure to wait between each use. You don’t want Twitter to ban your account simply for cleaning it up.

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