Update Zendesk and Apology

I did a blog about how horrible Zendesk support is and recently discovered something interesting.

Zendesk doesn’t actually offer support merely the software many companies use for support.

I found this interesting because it honestly seemed as though every company that uses Zendesk software has complete moronic idiots working for them. Support replies to questions would often be unrelated. Some support replies were off the wall that you are left wondering what planet their support came from. I’m not the only one that thought this and took it up with them countless times.

Finally Zendesk let us know that it’s not THEM! I feel bad now for sharing how horrid dealing with Zendesk support is. And even more horrible that I am not alone. I saw on Google many people saying the same thing in blogs. Struggling to get some sort of coherent support replies.

So I’d like to sincerely apologize to Zendesk for my bad press. I hope Zendesk users improve their feedback. I hope that Zendesk can keep their head above the bad support replies being used by their software. They might want to add a disclaimer to their software signature. After all I found a TON of graphics going off on how bad Zendesk is too.

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