Busting Pinecone Research Survey Panel Myths

Pinecone Research Survey Panel use to be the grandest survey panel on the internet. It was very hard to join and very limited, they would only open the doors maybe once every year, often going several years without ever accepting anyone. It is now open 24/7 for USA people who can locate the Pinecone Research signup banner location.

Pinecone Research has been shrouded is secrecy for so long that many users have started making up myths about them. I’m writing this to bust those.

Pinecone Research Survey Panel does boot you from their survey panel if you post where the pinecone banner is located. This is 100% false! Yet people keep posting this myth as though it’s fact. The reason why I know this is a myth is because of countless facts at hand. Pinecone is run through affiliate companies. There banner is located EVERYWHERE. They can not possibly keep up with the amount of banners placed, and the countless users telling people to sign up. However, if a jealous person wishes to boot someone from the panel, they can report to Karen Scott the user’s nickname/username or whatever they may be using to do the posting. She can then go through her database and boot you. But, as previously mentioned Pinecone does NOT boot you for posting where you may have found the Pinecone banner. But people in forums keep spreading these falsehoods; perhaps someday they will get a clue.

Pinecone Research Panel has sued a person for posting their product testing information.This is 100% false! You do sign an agreement though stating they can sue you if you do so. Pinecone Research does not have the time to baby-sit the millions of users posting things they shouldn’t. However, once again, if a jealous person reports you, you are booted from the panel and could be sued. If you have been sued those of us survey takers would love to know.

Pinecone Research does supply all their members with product tests.This is 100% false! Though everyone seems to think this is the case, it’s not. Pinecone has become so large, that you are simply lucky to receive a product to test.

Pinecone Research does not boot you from their panel for no reason.This is 100% false! This is a BIG MYTH! Pinecone has booted loads of users for no reason claiming it was nothing more then a computer glitch, though it keeps happening. And, added to that you are not permitted to sign up again because your account is still in their system, and it’s one per household. Now, if you were booted why would your address and account still be in their system? I would love to have the truth on this one, but Karen Scott appears to be mute on this issue, as I have asked for feedback and it has gone ignored.


Previously published on Yahoo! Network.

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