My Plenti Card Nightmare

rite_aid_loyalty_card_fob_sep_c4I’m a member of Rite Aid Wellness Plus. Heck, I’m a gold member. So when I got the Plenti card in the mail I was excited. I even tweeted both Rite Aid and Plenti. Shortly after May 4th (their opening day) I went to sign up with the card I had in hand. I entered the number and pressed yes I had a number. Then Plenti reassigned me with another number. So I was forced to call Plenti. They couldn’t explain how it happened that I got another number during the sign up process but told me all was well and linked the actual physical card I had in hand. I went to Rite Aid on the 5th to pick up a prescription. They admitted they were having all kinds of computer problems. So this made me wonder if that was the root of the issue.

I went to my local Rite Aid #03151 again around the 15th Dakota scanned my purchases and was unable to locate my card. Informed me that my Wellness card was inactive because Plenti linked the card even though it couldn’t be found. He couldn’t find it via my home phone number either. He spent about five minutes looking things up.  I was unable to get my 20% discount which the manager later provided me cash for. And of course apologized for the ordeal, checked my card and saw everything was ok but told me to contact Plenti just to be sure. I did just that.

I called Plenti who informed me that the problem COULD be the other card. So they blocked that card and told me all would be fine.

I went to Rite Aid again to pick up my prescription on the 22nd. All was well. I then went to Rite Aid on the 25th. Again my Plenti card worked and was linked showing my discount and points. I then went to Rite Aid on the 28th. Upon checking out I was told my Plenti card was inactive and I couldn’t get my 20% Wellness discount. Let me tell you I was less than pleased. I refused to allow them to ring it up without the discount and told them no I wasn’t going home to call to deal with Plenti yet again! I was at the end of my rope. This should not be the case.

Angela was nice enough to offer to call Plenti for me and fix this mess. I gratefully took up her offer. One hour and a half later it was sorted. Two employees at the end of their rope, my father and I in shock it took so long. Angela and Tina went back and forth with Plenti on one line, and 1-800 Rite Aid on the other. I was in the middle confirming information. When Angela first called Plenti the woman she got was rude and refused to listen and argued with her AND me pertaining to the fact that they couldn’t cancel the Plenti card leaving the Rite Aid Wellness card intact with gold membership. The second time she called she got the Plenti rep Denise whose supervisor named David was nice until he got on the phone with me and told me the EXACT opposite of what he was telling Angela… that I could lose my Rite Aid gold status. He argued and said it THREE times. I told him to do what Angela said and how it wasn’t working now what could I lose. He was no longer nice. I gave Angela the phone. David told Denise to cancel the card and have me on the phone. I confirmed. Angela and Denise signed me up again with a whole new card/account. And I did a purchase just to confirm it. NOW I wonder how many transactions it will actually work for. It feels like it’s been a hit and miss randomness of events. I have NO FAITH in Plenti and I completely miss the relationship I had with Rite Aid Wellness. I feel whatever or WHOMEVER Plenti is, is a scam and has no idea what the hell they are, or what they are doing. One of the Plenti reps told me how I get no Plenti points for just about everything in the store expect baby wipes. SO WHAT’S THE POINT. I went home sicker than a dog with shakes, a headache, a massive pain in my lower back from standing for so long dealing with this mess and now have to go to my Chiropractor. I hope I can sleep tonight in all this pain. Rite Aid staff went above and beyond. Angela admitted it took her four calls to get the same thing sorted with her card. It’s downright disgusting that not only did I have to deal with this but their own employee. Plenti customer service is not educated in their program. You can talk to one person and five minutes later talk to another and get a completely different story. I hope and pray no one else has to go through this mess. I plan on sharing this via Twitter with Rite Aid and Plenti. Hopefully they read it and do something about it. – their website in case you wish to see what the Plenti card is all about.


UPDATE: Rite aid had Plenti unlock my wellness card from my Plenti account. Upon doing so my Rite aid card worked perfectly. It also completely shows my Plenti points, my gold membership points and discount.  Plenti keeps arguing that my Rite Aid card isn’t linked but who cares it works on the Rite Aid side to the point I can even redeem my Plenti points. This takes care of EVERY TIME I’ve called Plenti there computers are down. Which proves the point, the problem is PLENTI! So if you encountered these issues, simply have Plenti unlink your wellness card. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to My Plenti Card Nightmare

  1. Patti Sutter says:

    Hi, I’m so happy I came across your post. I am dealing with this very thing RIGHT now. I’ve been on the phone with Rite Aid for thirty minutes (mostly on hold). As soon as I can get their attention I’m going to call Plenti and ask my Wellness card be unlocked from the Plenti card. What a freaking nightmare. All I want is to be able to go back to managing my prescriptions online and it’s just awful.

  2. Plenti has plenty of fraud. Yesterday I used the remainder of an Exxon/Mobil gift card to purchase $8.21 worth of gas. I handed the gift card and my Plenti card to the attendant (no, we don’t pump gas here in NJ). Both the card and my Plenti account were charged. An attempt to report this had the representative telling me this my fault as I have to watch the attendant and what he is doing with my card. Worthless program that is more trouble than it is worth. I have also experienced “the computer is down” excuse and not received credit for purchases. I don’t have the time for fraud and inconvenience.

  3. Jasper Dodds says:

    Plenti is a fraudulent operation and its customer “service” is based out of an off-shore spanish-speaking country. To add to all the other reports on this site, they now require us to enter our credit card at the Exxon gas pump even if we are only wanting to use 2500 points for $25 gas, On each of the last 3 occasions to different pumps in NC the credit card is charged $25 instead of the points being used. Customer service will not correct the fraud and of course the cashiers at the pump stations don’t have a clue about the program (or are intentionally bypassing the required keys to deduct the points). Either way this program is a blight for the US retailers it serves. Of course, calls to them generate the same lack of interest in addressing the problem so I guess we should amass enough complaints to line the pockets of lawyers to serve a class action against them – as usual, in the US economy, the customer loses.

  4. i encountered the same scam as Bradlaugh above. The Exxon Mobil gas station charged both the credit card and Plenti card. When calling Plenti customer service, they promised to investigate but in the end they did not return my points.

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