How to Print DVD Covers

If you burn DVD’s or PSP games, chances are you have DVD cases. Proper DVD cases measure 14mm on the spine where the title goes and 5 ¼ wide on the front 7 ¼ high. It can be very difficult to print these DVD covers without the proper measurements, not to mention the right DVD cover.

A great place to find DVD covers is: Change the ALL sections to DVD type in the title you are looking for, wait for the page to load the objects it found. Scroll midway down your screen, and click on one of the titles that matches your location and style of copy, such as widescreen, or custom. When you click on one of the choices at the bottom under select part will load such things as [cd1] [front]. Front is what you want to pay attention to. Move your mouse over the word [front] to get a preview of the cover. If that’s the cover you wish, click on the word “front”. Do not right click; it does not work on this style of webpage. You must click on the actual word “front” in order for the front cover to load. Once it’s loaded in the next screen, you will see it’s not huge, that’s because it’s compressed for you to view. Right click on the picture of the DVD cover you wish to print and select “Save picture as”. You can rename the file, and save it where you want for printing purposes. Click “Save”

Proper measurements for this type of DVD cover are as follows: 10.90 by 7.30. Be sure the top margin is set to 0.10 same as the bottom, and left and right margins set at 0.00. You may have to change your paper size settings in order for it to print to the edge of your printer.

If by chance, you have HP printer you might be encountering the problem of not being able to print the full DVD cover. This can be extremely annoying and a huge waste of paper. I have the answer you are looking for. Your HP printer has a sensor that tells the printer when the edge of the paper is coming, and thus stops printing. Take the paper you plan to print on, turn it over and midway down the page, tape another piece of paper to the back. Apply one piece of tape to the left and right sides at the top. This way when the paper goes through the printer, the printer will think it is a larger sheet of paper. When you go to print, be sure to have the paper set at 14.00 x 8.50 in landscape. You should now have no problems printing the complete DVD cover with your HP printer.

If you don’t change your printer settings for your DVD covers, the DVD cover will be cut off, or squished to fit the paper you are printing.

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