All About Dataelligence Survey Panel

There is a lot of word that Dataelligence doesn’t pay their survey panelist. Anyone who does surveys can understand how frustrating it is to not be paid, or even credited for your time. Dataelligence has been around for a very long time. They pay by points, and often run sweepstakes. Dataelligence does take a while to pay people, but they do pay, at least eventually.

Sometimes Dataelligence will run what is called a cold survey, that’s when they send gift cards, or checks outright. No points, no waiting for anything, but this is extremely rare and far in between.

Tips about Dataelligence survey panel: Always, I repeat always save your survey invites if you completed the survey in question. If you haven’t completed it, and were disqualified, or terminated, simply delete the email as to not confuse yourself with the ones you completed. Log into your survey panel looking at your history and compare the email survey invite with the completed ones. If it doesn’t match up, save it for a couple weeks, and check again. If it doesn’t match up again, don’t bother with emails. Dataelligence doesn’t communicate well to its survey panelist through emails, if at all. Simply call the number below with the email in front of you for reference.

1-800-831-1718 ex 263

Neil should be able to assist you in being credited for the survey you have taken. Please keep in mind to give Dataelligence a period of at least 3 weeks to receive credit.

Cons: Dataelligence pays mostly in points, and sweepstakes. Dataelligence contact form, and two email addresses listed on their website and survey invites will get you nowhere. Dataelligence has to be called in order to get credit for surveys you’ve completed and not been credited for in months. Don’t give up! Dataelligence is extremely slow in crediting people for their survey completes. Dataelligence claims that they watch other forums, and locations to see if people are credited, or badmouthing their company. It takes 1000 points to cash out. I’ve been a member since 2005 and have nowhere near 500 points let alone 1000.

Pros: The cold surveys when you actually get something. Dataelligence claims to have two other survey panels, a gamer’s panel, and a cell phone panel.

As you can see, the cons outnumber the pros. This panel is a waste of time if you are looking for a quick buck. If you don’t mind waiting forever for an eventual payout or a survey you might get a check for, then join. If you don’t mind having to baby-sit a company to make sure you are paid, then this is the survey panel for you. Other wise, move on. There are better higher, faster paying survey companies out there that won’t waste your time on points, and sweepstakes.

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