Remove Yourself from Spam Quickly! (For Free!)

I recently tested a new program for removing spam. Because I wasn’t sure how safe it was, I used it on a spam account that gets about 95 email spam messages a day. I didn’t care if I lost it, but if the program worked, it would be awesome! And it indeed works.

The following email unsubscriber only works with AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail accounts. (USA ONLY.) Click here to try it yourself!

The great thing is, you click on sign up, you don’t enter any information such as your password. You simply link it. It creates a unsubscribe folder and then though it says to NOT move your spam messages into their box, DO SO! In ONE day my spam messages dropped to less than 10!

The great thing is it asks if you have multiple accounts.

Privacy policy states: “We want you to be fully informed about the information we collect as part of this service. Behind the scenes, anonymous data about how people interact with commercial (not personal) messages helps us improve email, stop spam, and prevent phishing attacks.”

I hope this program helps you lead a cleaner inbox as well!

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