Review: Pantene Products

IMG_1643It’s not really fair to give anyone less than 2 weeks to give feedback on any conditioner and shampoo. But I know from being a product tester, quick results are wanted. I purchased Pantene products I’ve been wanting to use for a while but never really tried.

I was given a $20 Walmart gift card from SheSpeaks/Pantene to purchase the best Pantene shampoo and conditioner for my hair. I was left disappointed and confused as my local (Akron) Walmart’s shelves were as usual not stocked and things thrown about. This is the default state of Akron area Walmart and I’ve even spoken to the manager (six months ago) about it. She claimed to be fixing that issue so I didn’t really expect any problems when I went there nor when I offered to complete this review. It took me a while to decide how to complete this review with the limitations of choices as well as types of shampoos/conditioners offered. I have all types of hair so one bottle type of what was offered of liquid shampoos and conditioners DID NOT CUT IT.

There are several things to keep in mind when reading my review. Your hair is not mine, and you may not have anywhere near the results I did. I have naturally wavy, very long, color treated, dry, thick hair. I use oils to help smooth, control, condition, shine, and protect my hair. They are magic and I’ve been using them since about 92.

I love dry shampoo because my hair is over three feet long, and thick and without blow drying takes two days to dry. So when I saw Pantene actually had dry shampoo, I grabbed both types. I don’t really like results dry shampoo gives but after my surgery I saw the blessings and possibility they provide.

IMG_1644Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo was one of the types I purchased. It smelled pretty good. Made it look dry which dry shampoos do because they are powder.


IMG_1645Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo. Darn near impossible to spray and having Lupus made it even harder. I’ll be calling to complain as I think the bottle might be broken or something. (Disappointing to not be able to really use it for a review FOR Pantene!)


IMG_1647Because I don’t need simple conditioner I didn’t buy it. Instead I purchased Ultimate 10 BB cream. Ten because it’s meant to fix 10 issues with your hair. Smells great and did make my hair easier to comb after I washed it. It took about 8 pumps. It can be used on Dry hair or wet.  I liked using it both ways. Results were pleasing thus far.


IMG_1646Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle. You put this on your hair and night, it works while you sleep and you are meant to wake up to great hair. I found almost instant results with this if you comb it through.  It made my hair HUGE and dry. I hated it. After two days I went back to my oils! I was pulling out handfuls of hair every time I put a comb through it!


IMG_1648Pantene Weekly Rehab Crème. Instantly renews hair with lasting smoothness. Designed for color treated hair. Deep restoration complex.  This flattened a lot of my natural wavy hair. It did make it easier to comb though. But I love my waves. For those who don’t love your wavy hair, this is for you! Also there are NO directions on the bottle itself. So be sure to read the box before you enter the shower!  (see last photo for results of this.)

I got several different types because that’s my hair, as I said it’s over three feet long, so it’s got ALL hair types. Healthy, near the scalp, dry near the ends. And until makers of shampoos and conditioners clue in to that they will try to trap us all into boxes we don’t fit! If my hair at my scalp was like my ends, I’d need repair for my hair. Makers of foundation finally clued into not everyone’s face is all the same, we have a T zone and everyone’s is different. The same applies to hair. Unless you have really short hair, don’t color your hair, don’t use any heat on your hair, don’t get air or sun on or through it. Chances are you fit into their target boxes. ENJOY! I remember those days well.

I enjoyed being a part of this Pantene product test via SheSpeaks. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pantene. My own thoughts and ordeals!


Day 2IMG_1668
Day 3IMG_1733

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