The Pros and Cons of Zoom Panel

Zoom Panel is a survey company that has been around for many years now. They are a trusted legitimate panel. It’s an easy to join survey panel taking all types of people world wide, but there are some things you should be informed about this survey company. Every survey company has pros and cons, and you need to weight them before spending loads of time doing surveys. You need to know, if the panel pays cash or points for example.

Some Pros of Zoom Panel are: They send anywhere from 3 to 35 surveys a week. Points can add up quickly if you meet the needs of the survey in question.

Zoom Panel sometimes does product testing. Product testing is always very nice as it’s free things you don’t have to pay for. Not all products are necessarily new on the market, but may be new to you.

Zoom Panel hasn’t been sold off, or twisted into any other company. They aren’t a part of Greenfield, Pinecone, or OTX. Therefore, you won’t be in the middle of a survey to be told you don’t qualify.

Some Cons of Zoom Panel are: Some ISP’s and email programs block Zoom Panel surveys. You need to enter in your address book or accepted mailing white list.

Zoom Panel doesn’t pay cash, they pay you in points converted. Points you must redeem for Amazon gift certificates and many other things.

On a scale of 1 – 10 I rate Zoom Panel 8.

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