Review: Secret Clinical Strength

I was blessed to receive a sample via The Vogue Influencers Network. I admit at first I thought it was the sample I already got from another network and Secret too but it’s not the 48 hour one. I believe that one was called outlasts.

I adore how the sample they sent is perfectly purse size! It smells great and I can’t figure out exactly what it is. They call it completely clean, but it’s beyond that. It’s very relaxing.

I found that the Secret Clinical Strength did adapt and respond to what I was doing. I’ve been doing a lot of demolition! (Those on FB got to see some pics.) Ripping up carpet, sanding floors, sanding steps, ripping down walls, etc. I only have one month left before the weather turns so it’s requiring all my time! Only four more rooms to go, and a bathroom to finish pulling out. It’s another reason why I like that I can pocket this and go on. It’s not just my house I’m working on. And when you are working with someone in a closed environment the last thing you want to do is stink!!

I’m very pleased and would purchase Secret again. Thanks VIN for the freebie! ❤


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2 Responses to Review: Secret Clinical Strength

  1. Amy, our legal council is in need of an accurate address from you. Our next step in this process is contacting the constable’s office for legal address identification and delivery of our correspondence.

  2. celtmaidn says:

    What an awesome review. You just convinced me this is the product for me! Living in one of the hottest parts of the Country, with basically no “Winter” Season, a good Deodorant/Antiperspirant is truly a MUST.

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