Get Twitter Followers Without Paying

I was recently shocked that people would pay for Twitter followers. The amount of followers I had never really mattered till I joined the bloggers society, and I wasn’t about to waste money on Twitter followers.

I forget exactly how I came across Tweepi but I was so blown away with how useful the website is so I ended up purchasing a month membership. You can however use Tweepi free for Twitter followers.

Here’s the quickest, and easiest way to get legitimate followers for free with Tweepi. Find someone who has equal amounts of followers, and following. I have about ten names of people I rotate through, its how I went from 3,000 to over 19,000 in less than a month and a half. The hardest part you will need to remember is Twitter has a daily follow limit of 1,000. It’s really very annoying and you do not want to reach it on a daily basis as you could lose your account all together.

After you have found the name of your subject, sign up, or log into Tweepi. Scroll down to “Follow Friends”, click that. Next put in the name of your subject, and click start following. Be sure you don’t have a space after the name, or Tweepi will tell you the user can’t be found.

Next you will see the subjects followers. Click on “Last Tweet” and select “Sort Descending”.  This will show you who is most active. Now you will need to pay attention to the amount of followers the people have that you are about to select. I find it best to not select anyone with under 500 followers and no one with more followers than I have. For some reason most of those types of people can’t be bothered to follow others back.

Click the first icon that looks like a person with a green plus. That will start the following process. I also don’t select anyone that hasn’t tweeted in the last eight hours of the time I log into Tweepi. The point is after all to find active followers who are going to follow you back.

At some point you might want to unfollow those who don’t follow you back, you could use Tweepi for that as well. I happen to like ManageFlitter for unfollowing people.

The pattern that works best for me is, I randomly pick a day to use Tweepi to pick up Twitter followers. I do about two days going through the whole account of my subject, and then I wait about a week to unfollow those who can’t be bothered to return. When your numbers grow you will randomly pick up other Twitter followers as word will spread about you.

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