How to Turn Off Twitter Moment Notifications

Seems every time Twitter updates they add yet another way to annoy people. So I updated my iPhone and noticed I was being harassed by Twitter moments. I was confused because though I saw they added moments to the app, I didn’t really think I would get alerts. I mean seriously, who wants to be annoyed by something they don’t care about? So I did a Google search, “How to Turn Off Twitter Moment Notifications.”  or “Turn off Twitter Moment Reminders” No luck, did a Twitter search, no luck again. Just a rather large stream of constant complaints, and people begging for relief. This saddened me and I could totally relate. But I recalled an earlier article I wrote pertaining to Twitter alerts. So I knew that was the first place to start.

Below are the directions to turn off Twitter moment notifications.

Open the Twitter App.

Click on Me.

Click on the gear, then settings.

Click on the name of your account – name @handle

Click on Mobile notifications.

Scroll down to Moment reminders.

Click / Slide off.

Be sure to click Done at the top or it may not save.


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