Quickly Remove Photo Tags on Facebook

Sadly at this time there is a ten tag limit. Which isn’t too bad, but if you are like me and have over 3000 tags on Facebook it’s simply a challenge!  Removing one tag at a time just takes too long. So in order to at least do ten here’s how.

First you must log into your Facebook account. Click on your name at the top, which takes you to your timeline. Then click on View Activity Log. Over on the left hand side click on “Photos” under that will appear “Photos of You.”

You will now see photos and videos you are tagged in. For some reason this method will not remove video tags even though they are listed.

On the left side you will see a icon of a picture behind a picture, right beside that is a tick box. While I realize this doesn’t look like a box you can tick to some it indeed is. Tick that box by clicking your mouse on it. Doing so will make a menu appear at the top that says “1 item Deselect All” and on the right side says “Report/Remove Tags”. Go ahead and scroll and tick 10 items you want removed from. After you got your ten click the remove tag button. Then select “I want the photo untagged” then tick “untag photo” There will be a slight delay when selecting ten.

It will then confirm “Untagged Photo”

“You have untagged yourself in X photo.
Remember: this photo still appears in news feed, search and other places on Facebook.”

But the good news is, it won’t show you tagged anymore!

You then must press “Deselect All” on the upper left and begin all over again.

There use to be a GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey script that would do it for you, with risk of doing other things like becoming fans and followers of pages and groups you don’t wish to partake. It was a trade off. You could also remove those likes, groups etc after all the tags were removed. However, it appears the script no longer works or is active with all the undergoing changes at Facebook. If you find it, create it, etc please let us know. I’d be willing to add the link to this entry. I’m connected to a lot of people who use Klout and Kred. Those tags need to be removed at some point!

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