Reconsidering CINT Surveys on Annika’s

After recent events we discovered that we may have to pull a lot of CINT survey panels listed on Annika’s. According to this article, anyone can create a survey panel via CINT:

While we understand that CINT panels make it easier for market research companies to complete their research… we discovered it also allows the average scammer to earn money off completely innocent persons as well as gain access to their personal data for completely mischievous purposes. Perhaps this is how the harvest started for all these scammers calling people about their computers and locking them down with viruses and spyware. They got the persons personal information somewhere!

So in light of this, many survey panels may disappear from Annika’s and/or be placed upon the blacklist to protect our visitors, members, family and friends.

If you get contacted by someone claiming to have a CINT survey panel, please be careful. The gentlemen that contacted us had very bad broken English and kept speaking about HIM earning money off our members.

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