How to Stop Spam Quickly

One of my many email addresses was being targeted by a spammer using CloudFlare to spam. CloudFlare is well known to do NOTHING about spam even know they know full well what they are doing is against the law. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I simply set all my emails to forward to a Gmail account I have never used. Gmail is perfect at sorting the spam 100% from CloudFlare, and any other spammer! But I felt this wasn’t enough.  I decided to take an extra step. Because the email addresses they were using from CloudFlare ended in .jaredcompany .science and .top I simply set up a filter for those to go directly to the trash bin!

I thought I’d share this awesome tip with you so you could do the same thing when you too get spam attacked. I also did this for all my repeat offenders,, “Mr. Ibrahim” “Evans”. Filters are a beautiful thing. Don’t forget to use them. Only takes a few seconds to set up and saves you time in the long run!

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