Hulu Plenti Nightmare

After finally getting my Plenti card sorted, I decided to attempt to get Plenti points via their market place completing offers. I decided the most easiest for me would be Hulu. You have to activate the offers first, complete them, then in 72 hours you are meant to be credited. Since January I’ve been dealing with Hulu and Plenti via emails and phone calls. Each 15 days I’d have to call to get credited. I completed 3 offers. Watch certain 10 kids shows, watch 10 certain drama shows, and watch 10 certain comedy shows. Each of these offers were 200 points which is $2. That’s $12 a month!

I thought it would be easy to deal with this, but as time goes on it’s becoming more and more drama.  I first have to call Plenti 1-855-753-6841 and explain the ordeal. They then escalated it to Hulu. I then call Hulu, 1-877-485-8411 and have to file an ETCC ticket in order for the supervisor to confirm and investigate why these offers aren’t automatically being credited. I have yet to get an answer/fix as to why it’s not being automatically being credited.

Hulu support has been very interesting. Several times I’ve been disconnected, several times I’ve had to hang up due to their support reps not listening to the fact that my calling sometimes has an overlap of the new ones I just activated but didn’t even watch yet. First Hulu thought it might be the fact that I had my Paypal as payment so I was forced to change it to credit card. Nope, still not automatically credited for offers.

Hulu support and even supervisors blame Plenti as it’s THEIR business that should automatically credit. Plenti blames Hulu, that it’s THEIR business that should automatically credit. Each side passing the buck and what’s more annoying is no one at Plenti speaks English as their native language, not even their supervisors.

So the best experience I’ve had was with several different reps at Hulu. Who tried their best to figure out what all the drama is about, and how I’ve had to deal with this every month twice a month for over 6 months now. Pretty damn sickening. Why? $12 I can make go a very long way with my 20% off Rite Aid, and ibotta, saving star, and 51 check out.  I’m just curious as to how much longer I am going to have to keep 1, babysitting my watching which I write the exact dates and times and what I watched and when and when it’s completed for credit. 2, If this is going to keep going on, you’d think BY NOW one company or the other would create a quicker way for people to be credited as well as contact support(s). Explaining this over and over is getting old and since I’m in voice overs, I’m going to create a script I’ll record and press play. That way I can save my voice for people worthy of it!

ENOUGH HULU AND PLENTI, get your act together. I can’t possibly be the only one dealing with this drama!

Also a side note, you are to get 1000 points when you connect your account. I had to contact Hulu for that. And I’m not sure you are to get a monthly bonus like I do with everything else I have connected to Plenti, if you are, I don’t get them!

Plenti called me after I sent this to Hulu. Plenti had me remove my Plenti card from Hulu and re-add it. They escalated it again. Once again, it didn’t work, as I expected. Hulu’s support reply was asking me if the offers show as activated in my Plenti account… sigh. I’ve concluded it will never be fixed with replies like this! THANKS ANYWAYS PLENTI AND HULU!

I had hoped to write this to share with others how to save/make money with Plenti via Hulu. Sadly that is not the case.


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5 Responses to Hulu Plenti Nightmare

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  2. First of all, i feel relieved I’m not the only one who has gone thru this nightmare. But after many phone calls and emails, one person finally explained what i was doing wrong. I guess after calling so many times to Hulu, i finally found someone who was able to help me. Honestly i watch Hulu mostly on my Ipad and i was redeeming the points on my iphone.
    You need to open a browser in a laptop or desktop. Then you get into plenty account a look for Hulu offer. You will see a link below were it says activated. You click that link. A new tab will open and you watch your episides in that tab. At this point you have 2 tabs open, one with plenti website and another with hulu website. When you are done watching go to plenti’s tab that you already open and redeem. A third tab will open in hulu website talking about plenti. You are done.
    Sadly i finally decipher the issue and looks like Hulu epidodes offer disappeared from Plenti app. I guess many people complained about it and now they are no longer offering it? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Amy Lynn says:

      Wow I’ll have to give that a try, thank you. As for Hulu pulling Plenti only for a brief time period as they are running a $5.99 offer for new members. Once Hulu stops they plan on restarting their offers with Plenti.

  3. I too have continually had this issue. I do not watch HULU episodes on my desktop/laptop. I stream them to my TV or watch them on my ROKU TV. This issue is constant and repeated. No one has a solution it is terrible.

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