Review: Mamaway Belly Band

Because I am a part of Tomoson I was offered to review a belly band. I’ve been needing a back brace for some time and since this one was listed as $100 I thought I’d give it a shot. Yes, it’s a belly band, but as you can see by the pictures it helps with the back as well. Just cause it’s for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be for another.

This was the first time I ended up checking out other reviews before I got accepted for the product. The reason is I was left pending longer than usual and found it interesting that this company was so willing to give away a $100 dollar item for free. Every belt I looked at one Amazon, none even came close to this price. So I looked at the photos, found a ton of fake reviews and several really awesome REAL reviews.

When I first applied for the item I was accepted then given a code to get the item free. It wasn’t free. I ended up having to pay $1. This already set the tone for what was to come. I told the seller this happened. Then I got reply asking for order number which I provided to be emailed the next day by the seller pretending (or indeed) being another person asking if I ordered yet and how Amazon made a mistake with the coupons. Annoying to say the least, as they had already shipped the item. So either there are multi people who don’t even bother to talk to each other, or something horribly wrong.

The package arrived on time. Of all the belts I saw online none of them showed the directions this Mamaway belly band did. That was, you lay down to put it on. Makes more sense and you get a tighter wrap. Within 5 minutes of wearing it I could tell there was going to be issues. The same issues one of the honest reviewers had on Amazon and that is the bunching. You can tell you are wearing something under your clothes. And because it’s Velcro you can hear it peel and unpeel as you move. Good for home use though. Certainly not worth $100, but is better than other belts/wraps out there. The one woman who managed to take photos of it bunching up is the honest review I keep referring to. I couldn’t do photos like hers no matter how I tried. I do like the second ‘x’ wraps on it though. It makes it MUCH more secure than anything I’ve seen online. And I could tell the difference when I undid them.

You can check out other reviews, photos and purchase the Mamaway Belly Band here:

As with all my reviews my disclaimers apply. IMG_2434

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