Update Plenti / Hulu Issues

I finally have an update via the Plenti/Hulu blog entry I previously wrote – https://thevoiceofamylynn.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/hulu-plenti-nightmare/ . With Hulu, and Plenti working hand and hand with me instead of Plenti working with Hulu and Hulu working with Plenti we were finally able to discover the issue and get credited automatically for completely the offers. So here’s how.

Make sure your Plenti account is linked with your Hulu account by going into your account settings on Hulu. After you have confirmed that, when Plenti opens the Hulu offers only select ONE offer and complete that offer. Example they have three every so often twice sometimes three times a month. One offer is watch 10 comedy shows for 200 points. Another offer is watch 10 drama shows for 200 Plenti points. And yet another is watch 10 kids shows for 200 Plenti points. You activate one offer it moves into your activated offers section. Go to your device (stay on that device, don’t switch around as in watch part on TV then watch the rest of the shows on your tablet.) After completing your offer and confirming via Hulu history you watched your ten shows, go back to Plenti. Activate the next offer and repeat. I’ve done this many times now and have always been automatically credited. I hope this solves any issues you too may be having with Plenti and Hulu. As for the rest of their problems, one step at a time.(I may have answers for those soon.)

Thank you Hulu & Plenti for taking the time to sort this once and for all.

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