Mypoints TV How to Earn Quickly

I  noticed the reviews on itunes were horrible. Mostly because people don’t know how to use the app. Anyone that is a member of Swagbucks however does. Since it’s the exact same application.

After downloading Mypoints TV (and for those who can’t simple go to they are a trusted carrier of apks.) APKs can only be used on Kindles, Kindle fires, and anything else that’s Android format.  Just know you have to go into security and allow unknown sources for downloads permitted or you can’t install.

Once installed, login, touch the hamburger menu at the top left. A push out menu appears. Click on Home and Garden and select a 10 second clip. Some devices do not carry all 10 second clips. But look for the one pertaining to the coffee filter down at the bottom if you have it. To put that clip into your favorites hold down for a bit then select add to favorites. Click the menu icon, top left again, then click on your favorites and the video you just placed there. Press that to play. Enjoy! It will keep playing that video or videos over and over again and again. Or meant to.

It will say you have X amount of videos to watch to earn 5 points.

When it’s done earning it will let you know that as well, by telling you that you have reached the max earnings for that day.

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