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I got into Shopper Army a while ago then was invited to a VIP section. I was all excited. I applied for a few offers that I thought would be worthy of my time. I got accepted right away for two offers. I thought this was odd but I went ahead and went with it. One was Snuggle the other was ALL. Who can’t use laundry products?! LOL. Well I noticed they were low balling. By that I mean, Shopper Army wanted me to go out get the item, upload a photo of it and the receipt, use it, and then review. In turn I would be paid X amount. X amount didn’t even cover the item on a good day even WITH a coupon. But I went ahead and did it anyway. Just so I could do a proper review of their site/company and warn others.

I did everything Shopper Army wanted. The last question I let them know my time is worth more than what they are offering. It’s basically abusing their members to have them provide feedback for FREE basically. Shopper Army’s members are not paid for their time, nor feedback, let alone reimbursed for the items purchased. So is their feedback more honest because of this or less? Honestly I can’t answer that. But if you enjoy doing work for nothing and actually paying someone else, Shopper Army is the place for you! In the mean time I’ll stick to sites that are worthy of my time, and feedback. It was kind of fun to try, and if you already buy the items they want you to review, perfect! Other wise not so awesome.

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One Response to Shopper Army Review

  1. Mr Ferguson says:

    Amy, I totally understand your blog as it has recently happened to me (they didn’t give me any warning, but got rid of me…as a member), all based on the fact that I gave my honest opinion.

    On their website they say: “you will be encouraged to submit opinions, feedback, ideas, suggestions, and other materials to Shopper Army both through our surveys and through other channels” and “You may be provided with the ability to provide comments or feedback to Shopper Army or to other members. When submitting survey responses, comments and/or feedback, you will, to the best of your ability, ensure that all responses are truthful and reflect your own personal views”.

    I also recall an email, after a few months of being part of the program, where they encouraged members to sign up to the Facebitch group and actually suggested that if we didn’t we might not get offers.

    So…as members, what are you to do? WE are told to review honestly and to give feedback to the program, yet they don’t want honest reviews nor any feedback.

    On the FB group, there are lots of fake reviewers from people who bend over backwards for this program that will only give out $5 Amazon e-codes (yep, no other option nor any other amount to be reimbursed, even if the item is $14.99 + tax in stores).

    What Shopper Army HQ wants is the typical ‘mom’ and ‘mom’ reviews/response, where they say things like: “oh thank you SA, I love the product!”, “thank you for the free products, I will be signing up for more!”, or “I have used this in the past, but when I got the opportunity to try, I jumped – thank you SA!”, or “my kids loved it! and I can put it in their snack bag on the way to soccer!” (1950s are calling SA, jump into 2016 as I was one of only a few males as part of the program, and definitely the only male to really voice any concern about anything on the FB group).

    They actually will silence any review that is not in the favour of the companies they support, and they don’t go back to those companies for greater reimbursement for the members, even when a good portion of the members have explicitly said that the products are more expensive in store than their suggested retail price, and they often have to shop at 3-4 stores before getting the item(s) (and the stores they suggest, don’t often carry them…well maybe Wally World, but I will not shop at that disgusting store).

    They also hide behind ridiculous things and don’t engage with their members on facebitch, but yet that’s the only area where people engage with each other…

    Anyway, I agree – it’s a horrible program and there are many other freebie sites out there that offer greater/different rewards and they have a diverse catalogue to choose from, and they don’t force you to review on sites like Walmart of Amazon (seems like a conflict of interest if they pay you in Amazon $$$$ to give reviews on Amazon…no? lol).

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