Review: Chef Jenn Frozen Meals

I recently tried two of Chef Jenn’s frozen meals. I find it very hard to find meals I like, let alone can eat. I purchased and ate (not by myself!) both the Seafood Mac & Cheese, and the Seafood & Shrimp Alfredo. We didn’t have to add salt which is saying a lot when it comes to food being tasteless lately.


They sell for about $7.97 to $9.00.

I wasn’t expecting much out of it because it seems every time I’m pulled in by photos it doesn’t look anything like it in the end. But Chef Jenn knows what she is doing. This looks EXACTLY as pictured. It’s restraint quality without the price! It fills you up and yes, leaves you wanting more. I will be purchasing these again and hope Walmart doesn’t do what Giant Eagle does, and that is stops carrying the product after I purchase it every month!

Thank you Chef Jenn for creating meals I can eat, and can afford.

I enjoyed them so much I wasn’t compensated in anyway for this review. No coupons, money, gifts, even the meal itself.

chefjenn_content“Chef Jenn is a certified Women Owned company featuring products prepared and packaged in the USA.”

No 1-800 number on the back of the packaging to call and brag I loved it. But there is a web address: (which is pretty basic but I’m going to assume that’s because her food is getting all the funds.)

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