Remove yourself from a Yahoo Group 2017

It appears as though the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Yahoo Groups Emails are no longer a working option. As this could end up being endless harassment if you are hacked and someone signs you up to tons, or you simply want out! I decided to write this up to help those left and confused as I was.

First and most importantly you need to know your username(email address) and password. After you have recalled that, go to You will be required to log in to see on the lower right hand side “Email Preferences” Click on that.  It should take you here: then you can see on the lower left again “Manage My Groups” When you click on that you have the option to change your email, yahoo ID, and the amount of postings you get from the group. If you simply want to leave the group, click on the name of the group. Once you are in the Yahoo Group you wish to remove yourself from look over on the right hand side says: “Membership” Click that, a drop down will appear. Select “Edit Membership”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Leave Group”. Just that simple. Shame the email to Yahoo Groups doesn’t work like it should be at least there is this option.

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