Toluna Survey Panels Blacklisted

Toluna has for a long time played games with their survey panelists. It was why for the longest time I decided to avoid them like the plague. But it had been several years so I thought I’d test them again. I joined one of their panels that I knew I’d be a perfect fit for. Sure enough just as I was at cash out, like clock work they sent out a profiler update and kicked me from the panel. Then paid affiliate companies to run their ads to refill everyone they kicked out. This is how Toluna makes a crap load of money. They kick members before payout and refill their stats. I wonder what they do with all the payouts. This was the exact same pattern they did to me before in at least four of their survey panels. I don’t work for free, and I don’t think anyone who has bills can afford to do so.

I admit I belong to a lot of ‘sister’ Toluna Survey Panels. Most have been taken over by them. I’m sitting back waiting for the boot again. Like the Kellogg’s panel.  So though you and I may have been paid and or got product testing from Toluna, this is very rare. I have long thought Toluna’s template is to allow their members to almost reach cash out, send a profile update and kick them. Toluna then can claim you no longer fit their needs. Because of course times change and well, perhaps they want someone younger, older, richer, or another race. I understand that and accept that. But most legitimate survey panels allow their members X amount of time to cash out before they are asked to leave. Outright booting is considered a scam.

I checked with several people pertaining to if Annika’s should blacklist Toluna and it was landslide YES. One even came out so far as to say they feel Toluna is nothing more than a scam. Which personally I have thought myself. I have worked hand and hand with their affiliate company and even that was hard to partake. I eventually had to leave because it was more of a struggle then it was anything else.

I would like to address those who say “Powered by Toluna” doesn’t mean it’s a Toluna survey panel. Read the Terms of Service as well as the domain whois. All confirm the panels are brought to you by Toluna. They are considered sister sites.

So though Toluna Survey sites will be listed on Annika’s, they will also be listed on the Survey Blacklist as a warning to others. 

———— My disclaimers apply. —————–

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