Hulu Plenti Nightmare – Update to Hulu Plenti Points

It appears as though Hulu and Plenti have changed their terms on how they reward points. No longer are you able to use your computer, kindle, ipad or any other tablet to earn. You are now only permitted to use Roku, Samsung TV, Vizio TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Amazon Fire TV. I’m going to guess it’s because their ads can be so easily blocked using weblock on tablets and adblockplus on your computer. It’s a real shame but it’s still an easy X amount of dollars a month. I have tested this several months before posting this blog entry.

In order to be sure you get your Hulu 200 points per offer credited properly here’s what I suggest. Have Hulu refresh your card after you add it and make sure 100% it’s correct! (On the phone works best but you can email support.)

After you have done that when the offer is ready to be activated on make sure you activate the offer first. If you aren’t sure you can always click on “Activated Offers” at the top of the page. In case you are wondering what Hulu offers I’m referring to it’s the ones that state “Earn 200 points when you watch 10 episodes of any qualifying X shows on Hulu” Either Comedy, Drama, or Kids.

I’ve taken the advice left in the comments on the previous article I wrote about Hulu/Plenti. Once I activate the offer I click redeem online. So I’m logged into my Hulu account. I also decided to save a ton of money and not use my main TV nor my main Roku.

I purchased a Roku Express and a 7 inch TV set. Both were entirely free due to other things I do. The Roku Express is the cheapest Roku you can get. While I realize the math may not add up to newbies to those of us doing these offers for well over 2 years it does. $12 a month reward, paying $7.99 a month for Hulu. Bonus of $4.01 a month. Now take into account all the bonuses when you first sign up for Plenti/Hulu. 200 for activating your device. That’s $2.00, 1000 points when you subscribe to Hulu. That’s $10.00. 1,650 points when you subscribe to Hulu for six months. That’s $16.50.  So for a year that’s a bonus of 76.62. TV $49.99 “SallyBest® 7 Inch Ultra Thin 16:9 HD 800*480 TFT LCD Color Car Rear View Monitor 2 Video Input DVD VCD Headrest Vehicle Monitor Support Audio Video HDMI VGA”. Roku Express $29.00. Total of $78.99. So if you are new to this it may not be useful to you to purchase those items. Plus not every month does Hulu run offers. For me it worked out because my main TV would use more electric, and it seems to always be on. Added to that my main Roku is almost always in use. I can’t watch crappy shows for cash with no sound for 19 hours. Just not worth it. PLUS they aren’t adding new shows so you are stuck with their template shows. The majority of them I’ve already seen once. Hopefully they will expand the list soon! I can’t stand Mindy and that will be last on my list to watch.

You have to wait 72 hours to be automatically credited. Be sure if you are not credited to contact Plenti at 1-855-753-6841 make sure you have your Plenti number ready, offer ID numbers, date you activated the offers and date you completed them. Also remember the words “Customer Service” you will have to repeat it over and over to their automated phone system. After you make a call/report to them you might want to contact Hulu. I personally will not wait 10 days to be credited because of their delay offers overlap and dealing with Plenti who you RARELY ever get a person who speaks and understands English as their first language. Hulu 1-877-485-8411. Make note of the offer numbers of Plenti, what shows you watched, what day you completed the offers and activated them. I’ve been forced to call both Hulu and Plenti every 15 days for over 2 years. Hopefully now though using my Roku it won’t be an issue. I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am dealing with Plenti phone operators!

Good Luck everyone! May you be in tons of Plenti points.


Update to this blog entry:

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