CPAP In-Line Disposable Bacteria Filters – Get Some!

As previously mentioned I suffer from Sleep Apnea. I am paranoid about germs, always have been. So I went hunting one day to see what I could further do to make sure the air I was breathing in all night was better than the air I was breathing in all during the day. I found CPAP in-line bacteria filters. At first I was concerned that they might lower the level of air pressure I was getting then I was concerned about how well they might actually work.

I had purchased two types. Type one was hard plastic from Kinship Comfort Brands. These were pretty nice hard plastic but when connected just below my mask to the heated tubing it would squeak as it spun around with my movements. This was slightly annoying but nothing I couldn’t deal with. They cost about $33 for a package of ten via Amazon.

The second type I purchased was soft plastic from Health Care Essentials. The soft plastic I quickly figured out didn’t make any noise as it spun around my mask connection and heated tubing. This was downright awesome. But there was a bigger more horrible problem. These soft plastic filters smell rotten, off somehow I can’t put my finger on. They were $17.99 with free shipping and as you can see a massive price difference. The actual filters inside the plastic units are exactly the same. The numbering on each is exactly the same. It’s just the outside that’s different and of course the actual air smell quality.

I feel these filters are a must and I have even used them during Corner Stones meeting with a sleep specialist. So I know they recommend them as well or they wouldn’t use them themselves. I also know they are working because of the massive color change by the end of the month. If you have allergies, a smoker in the house, pets like dogs or cats please consider getting some of these filters.

About each product.
CPAP Filters housed in plastic frame.
Replace Disposable foam filter frame units with Single Use Only.
Kinship In-line Bacteria Filters are a must-have CPAP supply for any customer that suffers from allergies.
99.92% Bacteria CPAP/BIPAP Filters.
Disposable foam filter frame units are not intended to be cleaned, but rather changed out.
The second set of filters made of soft plastic:
AirLife disposable respiratory filter traps bacteria and viral particles by electrostatic attraction and its dense makeup. Filter provides defense against infection. Small, lightweight and translucent, our hydrophobic filter resists moisture and offers easy visualization of water buildup. Latex-free.

I noticed during the winter months when my house was closed up I didn’t notice the odor the second set of CPAP filters was giving off. So I’ll try and use those during the winter months to save money, but when my house is open to the fresh air I simply must have and recommend the Kinship CPAP in line filters. They are to be changed monthly. And they are larger than they appear. The actual filter unit is about the side of Pringles lid. I had hoped because I was placing it just below my mask it would be smaller easier to sleep with but I had to make due with it. They fit perfect on the Dreamstation CPAP machine by Philips Respironics.

As with all my blog entries this is my own ordeal insights and feelings. No money or trade was exchanged for this entry.

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