Freelancer walk through / explained

This is very generalized. 

It’s free to join and bid.

To hunt for jobs upper right hand corner is a search box. Type anything there you want to look/apply for.

After you sign up and log in…

The left hand side contains a menu. News, account details, account info, buyer, provider, advertiser, affiliate, payment.

Edit account info is where you will want to go 1st.

Set up your profile to the best of your ability, remember it’s public!

Make sure to check what all jobs you are open to doing and remember the amount of emails you will get for each area you ticked.

Account details is payment info, your profile link and if you wish to upgrade to gold.

Buyer activity is where projects that you post for others to do show up. And also where you can rate the person you does the job for you at the bottom.

Provider activity is where projects that you bid on show up. And also where you can rate the person you do the job for at the bottom.

Advertiser activity is for if you wish to advertise on get a freelancer.

Affiliate activity is where you can find your referral link and earnings as well as names of those who signed up under you.

Payment transactions is of course is where you deal with the funds in your account.

Now you will get an email when a job is posted in the sections you selected. Simply click on the link to see the job. Bid whatever you wish and be sure to post text too, explaining how you would be best to pick for this job over any one else who bids lower or higher than you.

The help desk is there for a reason, free and easy to use. So don’t be afraid to use it. I myself have used it about 7 times so far for various reasons.

From another post.

It’s a lot like ebay. You bid on jobs and hopefully win them. The site takes a fee of $5 from each job you win so make adjustments in your price for the job for this unless of course you are a gold member.

They now pay and take e-gold, paypal, wire, moneybookers, and check.

Remember whatever job choices you wish to be notified of, you will get loads of emails about. So you might want to use another email address for this. You could end up with thousands of emails a day depending how many areas you have ticked.

TIP: When you bid be sure to “PM” the person who posted the job. This will help them notice your bid. When you are new you have no feedback and your bid will appear at the bottom of the bidders list. Which you might not get noticed because of this. So you may have to go with a lower bid to insure you get selected for the job until you get enough feedback to get noticed when you place a bid. This is very important to get as much feedback because you want to appear near the top of the bids.

Recent changes.


DETAILS: Buyers will be required to pay a REFUNDABLE $5 fee when they post a project on This fee will be REFUNDED as soon as provider accepts to do a project OR when the project is cancelled properly. If you don’t find anyone who can do the project you will cancel it from Buyer Activity page and the fee will be REFUNDED to your GAF account. Project must be cancelled within 30 days after the bidding was closed. We will ONLY keep this fee and don’t refund it when a buyer doesn’t follow our TOS. For example when someone posts a commercial for his company or when someone adds his contact information to the project description. The goal is to be able to refund all of these fees. Of course there always will be a few who will try to abuse our site but with this fee it will be harder and they will have to pay for it. Buyers will still be able to post in realtime and not to be forced to wait for a time consuming manual approval.

WHY?: Because too many projects posted on GAF don’t follow our TOS. We also have many buyers who post projects, select providers and don’t have the ability to pay providers properly. If a refundable fee is taken it will make buyers to think a bit more before posting a project. They also showed that they were able to fund their GAF account. The advantage for serious buyers is obvious – less invalid projects that take time and energy from providers.

THE RESULT: Think about it in the long run. When providers find out that there are high quality projects posted on they will look at each project more carefully. Buyers will get more bids from high quality providers who rather spend time on our site than time to look at bad projects on other sites.


DETAILS: New free members will be able to make 15 bids per month. Old free members will be able to make 15 bids + 1 bid per month they have been a member at For example, if you’ve been a member at GAF for 1 year and aren’t a Gold member you will be able to make 27 bids(15+12) per month. New Gold members will be able to make 150 bids per month. Old Gold members will be able to make 150 bids + 1 bid per review they have(finished project) + 1 bid per month they have been a member at For example, if you’ve been a member at GAF for 2 years, have 78 reviews and are a Gold member you will be able to make 252(150+78+24) bids per month.

WHY?: There are too many bad bids on With these limits providers will have to think twice before making a bid since each bid is more valuable to them. We also want to give old members and Gold members who are loyal an advantage of having more bids. Long term commitment should be rewarded on our site. We will all benefit from that.

THE RESULT: Less bids but each bid will be of higher quality. Old members and Gold members will be rewarded for staying with us. Buyers will have less bad bids to remove when trying to pick the winner. We will get more happy buyers on our site. This will lead to more buyers who return to use and post more serious projects. This is of course good for all providers too.


DETAILS: Reviews will only be possible to post on finished and paid projects. A review must be made within 90 days after the project has been finished and paid for. If one user submits a review the other user must submit his review within 14 days after the time the first review was submitted. Reviews will be hidden until both buyer and provider submit their reviews or until 14 days passes after first review was made. As soon as both buyer and provider post their reviews they will both become visible on the site. If only one user post his review only one review will become visible. It will be possible to withdraw reviews if both users agree to do it.

WHY?: We want all reviews to be accurate and a review system all our users can trust. If provider must finish a project and buyer must pay for it before they can make a review we can make sure reviews are not faked. Also, since reviews will not be shown before both make their review or a certain time passes we will avoid the problem with users making a good or a bad review just because they saw the review the other user had given. This is something many members have been requesting for a long time.

THE RESULT: No more fake reviews. No more reviews to get a project done. No more reviews to get paid for a project. No more bad reviews just because someone isn’t happy with the review he’s got. All reviews will be much more accurate. This is good news for honest users and bad news for cheaters.

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