Dealsncash walk through and explained

This company is ran by the same people who run hits4pay. It’s basically the same.

After you sign up you will need to either disable your popup blocker or add dealsncash to your allow list.

It now appears every time you log in, you will be faced with spam and you are forced to see it or click “no thank you.” It claims you won’t see it again when you log in, but you face a new spam each time you do log in. It rotates from one spam to the next.

Deals N Cash use to pay by check and now pays by paypal which is most convenient to those of us who prefer being paid right away.

The main sections you need to pay attention are:

Members Home – This is what is called your home page. Ignore most things on this page, except your referral link and Internal Mail Box. You will need the referral link to promote the program to get people to sign up under you.

My account – Edit Account – You will have to put your correct address since your pay checks are mailed there.

My Account – Edit Categories – This is the choice of what emails you will get. Sadly, very sadly they do not allow you to check them all. It would be a great option if we could because then we could earn more. (This selection is a popup window, or you can right click it to open a new window.)

Submit Tax info on the Members Home page – In order to get paid this HAS to be filled in. (This selection is a popup window, or you can right click it to open a new window.)

Internal Mail Box – New Paid Ads- Check this weekly. Even though you will get emails in your inbox there are ALWAYS ads missed stored in this area. (This selection is a popup window, or you can right click it to open a new window.)

My Account – View Commission Stats – This is where you will find your info and your referral information link is located on the right hand side.
The view referral breakdown link again, (thisselection is a popup window or you right click it to open a new window.)

When you get an email you just scroll down to the middle of the email and click the button that says click here to view advertisement. A window will open and a timer will eventually say you been credited for viewing the site. You can also go to the site each time you get an email and click the same box at the bottom of the ad to view the ad. I find it best to go to the site, right click the box and open in a new window and then delete the ad. Other wise you have to return back to the site inbox to delete the ad, unless of course you wish to leave them there.

My affiliate resources – is for promoting your referral link. You will find banners to use to promote the program as well.

The Top Picks on the members’ home page are all sites listed on Annika’s Black List, which means they are scam sites. So be careful of falling into the trap of thinking “Oh because this site is good so must the programs it promotes.” Sadly that isn’t true.

Tips: Log into the site if you aren’t getting emails and change your categories. I find around January till mid April I want to change my selection to tax information. That’s the only sure category and timing of it I can really suggest. It’s really hit and miss, it’s why you need to promote the program.

Click the email ads as soon as possible; doing so will get you more right away I noticed. If I wait an hour or even a day it will be days before my next ad. When I click them right away I get up to 5 each time. I’m not sure why the program operates this way but it does. Please test for yourself.

Written and published in 2008 on Annika’s.
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