Buzzoole – Not worth the Buzz!

I joined Buzzoole to be paid to tweet. I figured since it’s been such a lucrative income why not check out other websites that CLAIM to offer the same thing. After being a member for a year Andrea Turner emailed my private account…

Dear Amy,

I came across your profile, really liked your content, and think you would be a great fit for some of our paid brand collaborations! To introduce Buzzoole, we are an influencer marketplace that connects influencers with the top brands in the world.

We have already worked with great brands like Amazon, Ralph Lauren, Nickelodeon, Starbucks, Barilla, Pandora, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Check out some of the latest campaigns on Instagram.

In order to be considered for these collaborations, please sign up here and connect your social channels and blog. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any  questions in the meantime. We hope to work with you on some upcoming campaigns in the very near future!
Andrea Turner
OnBoarding Team @buzzoole

The fascinating thing is Andrea never replied toANY of my emails asking her how fit I was such a great fit in a year I never once got ANY campaign. It’s no wonder Buzzoole’s icon and logo of their website is NO NO sideways! They are warning members off.

So my thoughts and feelings after emailing the company directly,
1. Andrea Turner of Buzzoole is a spammer. (as she doesn’t even bother to reply and emails you a referral link when you are ALREADY a member! Unwanted emails which hers is, is considered by law SPAM.) I didn’t give her permission to email me and her lack of a reply is highly unprofessional. Buzzoole also won’t reply admitting she’s even a part of them. Which makes me wonder… who exactly IS Andrea Turner?

2. Buzzoole gives several red flags Annika’s uses to add websites to the Blacklist. One big one is, Buzzoole wants to link to ALL your social media websites but doesn’t actually hire you to do any work. Lack of “work” in a year doesn’t seem very legitimate to me. They do not need your personal social media accounts connected if no work is offered!  WHAT are they doing with your personal data? Are they advertising they have a lot of members to post their content? Sounds pretty FISHY to me!!!

So if you want to be paid to tweet, I’d skip Buzzoole. But hey if you want to join -> Accepting World wide, just don’t expect to earn anything.

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