Review Pad a Cheek Strap Pads +

I was very pleased I ordered these comforting straps for my CPAP mask. While my sleep therapist made fun of way it looked calling it “underwear” I don’t care. I’m the one that has to sleep in it. And frankly that was extremely rude of him to say that. But he was young and I forgive stupidity.

The material that Cheek Strap Pads Plus are made out of is super soft and while I realize I could have totally made them myself as I have the exact material, I simply don’t have the time nor the hands to do crafts.

It’s nice to know there are comfortable fixes for CPAP masks. There’s nothing like trying to force something to work that just isn’t comfortable. So if you love your mask, but feel there is something wrong that needs fixed, go shopping online. You never know what you may find.

The directs are easy to read and follow as well as not only have text but photos. The directions are fool proof, which these days everyone seems to need to create.

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