Viewpoint Forum Invite

We were providing (free of charge keep in mind) the ability to join Viewpoint Forum. Which is an excellent product testing website that WAS invite only. They had a glitch in their system which gave the ability to join to other users. So we shared those links. As per usual there ALWAYS has to be a bad apple in the bunch somewhere. One user contacted Viewpoint Forum with the referral link we provided! Needless to say that person screwed everyone! Viewpoint Forum made it so those links no longer worked. Now I’m not sure why someone would do something so selfishly rude but it’s not the first time that this has happened. I’m disappointed in the level of stupidity that occurs and the level to which it screws SO MANY PEOPLE. We strive to help people, but there is simply no way to cure stupid. Though this upsets us greatly we will still strive to help aide those desperately in need of funds to pay medical bills, pay for their monthly meds, people unable to even buy toilet paper! And yes, we have received such emails of thanks. So please pause, breathe, and think before shooting off an email that could ruin so many lives you don’t even know. Thank you.

We made NO MONEY sharing those sign up links with those who asked. We simply try to help.

You can find over 3000 survey panels here: 

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