Free and Easy $20 Amazon Gift Card

Want to earn $20 Amazon gift card every month for just having an app on your phone? Seriously yes that’s all you have to do and I’ve been doing it for months now. Simply join the link, make sure you enter the code and install the app. Make sure it’s running and leave it for a month. Each month you leave it installed you will get a $20 amazon gift card. I use mine on a spare phone. You can also earn $20 for your teens phones too! Sounds too good to be true huh? What do you have to lose by trying besides a $20 amazon gift card?
  • iPhones (all models and versions)
  • Android phones on Android Marshmallow or earlier (Note: if users have Android Nougat or higher, we will notify them once they qualify for this project.) USE CODE:  Productive parakeet


I also found this app is much easier to use on Android devices.  I just make sure to see the KEY in the upper left of the menu and I know it’s running.
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