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Dealsncash walk through and explained This company is ran by the same people who run hits4pay. It’s basically the same. After you sign up you will need to either disable your popup blocker or add dealsncash to your allow list. It now appears every … Continue reading

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Freelancer walk through / explained

This is very generalized.  It’s free to join and bid. To hunt for jobs upper right hand corner is a search box. Type anything there you want to look/apply for. After you sign up and log in… The left … Continue reading

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Review: National Geographic Kids Hey, Baby!

I was blessed by Moms Meet to get National Geographic Kids Hey Baby. A collection of pictures, poems, and stories from Nature’s Nursery. It’s a very uplifting book and not just because of the beautiful animals but the text as … Continue reading

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Spidermetrix explained and reviewed in a walk through

World wide This site really isn’t like any other site out there. It’s very strange and often people have a hard time understanding it. But once you read this you will understand it no problem. (I hope) Before you log … Continue reading

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Unfollow LinkedIn Contacts Easily

Unfollowing LinnkedIn contacts is now much easier then it use to be. I have for the longest time complained and contacted LinkedIn for an easier way to unfollow connections. I found it upsetting that simply by accepting a connection request … Continue reading

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Review: Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

I was blessed to get the Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste from MomsMeet to review. Let me tell you I was shocked! I was provided with SIX different toothpastes to test! It was like Christmas as there was other goodies … Continue reading

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How to manually update Pinball Arcade via Amazon

If you own Pinball Arcade via Amazon and I don’t mean the underground version, then this article is to help you. Be sure your icon for the game matches the one on this page: You can tell there has been … Continue reading

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