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I have Sleep Apnea!

I stop breathing 78 times an hour! Sounds impossible huh? I thought so. When trying to sleep I’d hear birds tweeting, dogs barking, doors closing, the furnace coming on, cars passing, trucks thumping, the house creaking, and the minutes passing … Continue reading

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Purely Said

I just wanted to share if you are going through a really hard time right now you are not alone. Hang in there things will get better. And though that may seem like just words, hold tight to them. Don’t … Continue reading

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Rob Lowe DirectTv ads Are Offensive!

I’m shocked that Rob Lowe and DirectTv are working together to insult many millions of American’s. Not just the fact pertaining to cable, but “less attractive” “creepy”. I posted on Twitter and Facebook pertaining to this issue, and found that … Continue reading

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I’ve been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the reason for that is trauma from family members as a child being brought forward in flashing events.  Many people don’t realize how abusive they are even as adults. Dominating and … Continue reading

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Rite Aid Pharmacy Mistakes

After getting mandatory health insurance which I felt was a waste not using I got surgery, moles removed, a physical, blood work you name it! Well during all this I received several prescriptions I got filled at my local Rite … Continue reading

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Life Change

I’ve not been posting much on social media much these days because I had a life changing experience take place. For over eight years I’ve been in agony, thinking I was going to die in pain. I did experience three … Continue reading

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I’m shocked at the amount of users who don’t understand or see is listed as Twitter spam via countless locations. I didn’t mind it at first as it was only a few and an easy way to get my … Continue reading

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