Review Pad a Cheek Mask Liner

Pad a Cheek Mask Liner

I’m glad I waited a while before I decided to review Pad a Cheek Mask Liner. It’s the only way sometimes to get real results. My CPAP mask is the Wisp. I ordered the Pad a cheek mask liner because I was having comfort issues with my mask during the winter months. I needed any comfort I could find as using a CPAP mask, as it was completely new to me.

Using the pad a cheek mask liner was easy to put on and take off. The directions are very easy to follow. Complete with step by step pictures sure made a difference! But most important is they let you know to be careful when cutting the hole in the Cheek Mask Liner. You don’t want to cut it too large. But what they neglect to tell you is, that over time it’s going to stretch because of the material they used. I now a year later regret ever cutting it at all. I guess I should of just stretched the hell out of it. I’ve only ever washed the liner by hand so it’s not like a washer made it larger.

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Join the Culturelle Clubhouse

I joined the Culturelle Clubhouse ages ago. You get to learn all kinds of things and sample products. If you love sharing with your friends about new products and such then you should really join.

I hope this community sticks around as long as some of the others have. It’s been fun!

Here’s their about statement:

About Us

The Culturelle Clubhouse is a place for parents who understand the importance of maintaining and supporting your child’s digestive and immune systems.

How Does It Work?

Based on the information in your profile, your answers to surveys and your level of activity in the Culturelle Clubhouse, you’ll be given the opportunity to try products for free, join discussions, answer surveys and share information directly with Culturelle. You won’t find this kind of exclusive access anywhere else!

When Will I Receive A New Offer?

It could be today, tomorrow or a few weeks from now, but we’ll be sure to let you know when there’s an offer we think would be perfect for you! While you wait, you can increase your chances by completing your profile to 100% (including connecting your social networks!), participating in discussions and taking surveys.

Any questions?

If you have any questions you can always reach us at

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WGN America Does Not Have a Streaming App

Several years ago I discovered WGN America was actually airing shows worth watching. I was excited about this as it was a weekend and I had caught the start of Manhattan. But I became disappointed when I discovered in 2016 WGN America didn’t have a way to “watch on demand”. WGN America is constantly tweeting “Watch on demand.” I find this strangely confusing. Why would you advertise you can watch your channel shows on demand and have no Amazon Firestick app, no Roku app, and no Apple app. This is 2018 and WGN America lacks what nearly every other channel has. WGN America need a mobile app to watch content on demand. There is far too much on television these days to lack streaming ability for any channel.

I reached out to WGN America for comment. They didn’t reply. Rumors appeared that WGN was creating a streaming app. Rumors also that you can get WGN America shows on Hulu, Sling or DirectTV. I checked all of these, you can’t. So you are either left watching WGN America’s TV shows live or not at all. Even though their Twitter account urges you to watch their shows NOW ON DEMAND. This explains why their shows are getting canceled and why they only run re-runs of shows. If you can’t reach the market that matters, what’s the point?

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MLMs Provided by Jane

There are literally thousands of business opportunities on the
internet and many are classified as MLMs which stands for Multi Level
Marketing. Annika’s does not have a database of MLMs, mainly because
a lot of them are scams and very risky. There would be too many to
recommend or blacklist. And even the blacklist of surveys is becoming larger
than one thought it might lol

Definition: Multi Level Marketing – You earn money based on
commission from your referrals and commission on your referrals
referrals etc etc. PTRs with multi referral levels are actually MLMs.
Paypal will cancel an account of anyone they suspect is involved in
MLM activity which is why so many PTRs have gone to one referral
level or stopped using Paypal as a payout option.

Are all MLM programs scams? No, companies like Avon and Nutrimetics are legitimate companies that sell products based on commission – you have probably heard of them. How can I tell if the program is a scam?

A few tips:

Do they ask you for money for nothing?
~ Programs that work in investment loans etc and promise ‘double your
money’ for example are risky and probably scams

Is there a product?
~ What are you paying for and what are other people paying you for?

Do you have to buy a certain amount of product per month or can you
order only what you sell?

Do they promise money for nothing?
~ Unfortunately, unless you win the lotto, making money requires
effort. Even if you have referrals you need to keep generating income

HYIP – High Yield Investment Program
One-up – You pay your sponsor and then pass up a member who then pays
your sponsor’s sponsor and passes up a member who pays your sponsor’s
sponsor’s sponsor….
Matrix – Where your earning potential is calculated by the number of
referrals X a set figure. The important word is ‘potential’, not

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Warning Blacklisted surveys

There are a lot of forums promoting blacklisted surveys right now. Be careful what you sign up for being promoted on other forums. They are either ignorant or just trying to post new survey panels without even checking them out. Blacklisted survey panels are often obvious. Here’s a few warning signs so you can tell right away and if you belong to a forum promoting bad/scam sites you can respond and save others from it.


No privacy policy

Terms read you have to complete offers

You are asked to join other panels before you even join theirs!

Also here’s this…

1. Look at the bottom of the survey page, do you see a link that says “Affiliate Program”.

2. Does the survey company ask you to pay them, instead of you being paid?

3.Does survey company page claim you will earn $100 an hour?

4. Do you have to sign up for other offers in order to join the survey company?

5. Does the survey company offer you a chance to win a prize before you even sign up?

6. Do the terms of the survey company read “Receipt of the free incentive gift requires: 1.) Completion of offer terms, including age and residency requirements; shipping address verification; and registration with a valid email address 2.) Completion of user survey. 3.) Participation in sponsor offers. Upon completion of participation requirements, we will ship the incentive gift to you with free shipping”

7. Does the survey company have more than 3 pages of information you have to fill in and answer “No” to?

8. Does the link of the survey company in the address bar of the site you wish to join have “hop=” in the subject line?

9. After signing up for the survey company is all you get is spam?

10. Does the link of the survey company read clickbank?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, read below:

1 – The reason I ask this is because if it has an affiliate program to join, 9 times out of 10 it’s a site you don’t want to join because the site is earning so much off of you, that anyone can join their affiliate program and earn money too by promoting it to others. Now, I’m not saying being an affiliate is a bad thing not by any means. I’m saying if a survey company “shows off” they want affiliates before you even join to get surveys something is wrong.

2 – You should never pay for surveys, if you do you are being ripped off. There are loads of sites out there that list survey companies for free.

3 – There is no way on earth you can ever earn $100 an hour from ANY survey company. I know, I been in the business since 1998.

4 – If you have to sign up for offers in order to join a survey site, that is screaming scam. They are paid by other affiliate companies for you signing up for whatever they have listed on their site. Legitimate survey companies do not operate in this manor. They send you surveys, you either do them or not. There is no signing up for other “offers”

5 – Fraud survey sites are now offering prizes, “Complete this survey to win this free digital camera.” The terms of those offers permit the company to sell off your personal information to other companies.

6 – This means whatever their “sponsored offers” are, they are being paid a great percent for you doing so. Those “sponsored offers” are usually, signing up for magazines for a full year or other pricey things which require your credit card.

7 – No legitimate survey company has more than 3 pages worth of sign up information. They ask your name, address, email address, password, household information, race, age. The only time you will run into a company asking loads of questions is beta testing and that is only if you are actually up for the product to test.

8 – 100% of the time if the link reads “hop=” it’s a scam site. It will encompass any and all the above information already written.

9 – If all you get is spam after signing up with a survey company, and you weren’t getting spam before the chances are you signed up with a bad survey company. The company will sell your email address off or add it to other lists that if you sign up for the offer in the spam, they are paid for it. This is what keeps the spam, and the fraud going on. Not everyone knows this is part of their scam.

10 – Though clickbank offers a refund, would they have to if it was a legitimate survey offers? I have known loads to have to ask for a refund after being suckered into a clickbank offer.

Previously posted to Annika’s message board and moved here before deleting the forum.

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