Mobile Apps That Earn

Mobile apps are really easy to earn money with and MANY you don’t even have to do anything to earn using them. Here’s a few I use. I also put them on a Pinterest board located here: From watching videos, to cashback, and surveys and more!


First up the Swagbucks apps: Just add your favs watch over and over.

Another video watching app, or quizes, wordsearches, scratch offs and MORE: PerkTV

Next up the ones that don’t require babysitting:


 Panel app

Nielsen Mobile Panel

 Sandbox Community (Invite only not accepting members at this time)

Screenwise AKA Cross Media Panel


Next up Cashback Mobile Apps:



Dscout Also does paying surveys.
 Checkout 51


Next paying Surveys:

 Surveys On The Go

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How to Stop Yahoo Spam Calendar Invites

I’ve been researching this issue for sometime. I was in fact getting Yahoo calendar spam invites long before they started sending them out via Apple’s Calendar. I just didn’t have the time to research it till now.

I contacted Yahoo for help. Their reply to stop the THEIR calendar spam is as follows:

“Hi Amy, I’m sorry to hear you’re getting spam. Please see our Help Article on reporting abuse: 

Most email providers have tools to block or filter incoming mail. Please review your provider’s documentation for steps.”

While this is the most disgusting response I’ve ever received from any kind of support, it is Yahoo’s ONLY response to any kind of spam issues. Block and report. Instead of Yahoo doing their job and following spam laws. Yahoo is to stop the spam, NOT YOU the user. But this is how Yahoo has worked for years.

I hope you found Yahoo’s support response on how to stop Yahoo spam calendar invites as useful as I did.


If you decide to follow Yahoo’s stupid advice as it will only cause bounce backs, you can block the following:

X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: calendar-remind

That will block ALL calendar invites from Yahoo.

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Toluna Survey Panels Blacklisted

Toluna has for a long time played games with their survey panelists. It was why for the longest time I decided to avoid them like the plague. But it had been several years so I thought I’d test them again. I joined one of their panels that I knew I’d be a perfect fit for. Sure enough just as I was at cash out, like clock work they sent out a profiler update and kicked me from the panel. Then paid affiliate companies to run their ads to refill everyone they kicked out. This is how Toluna makes a crap load of money. They kick members before payout and refill their stats. I wonder what they do with all the payouts. This was the exact same pattern they did to me before in at least four of their survey panels. I don’t work for free, and I don’t think anyone who has bills can afford to do so.

I admit I belong to a lot of ‘sister’ Toluna Survey Panels. Most have been taken over by them. I’m sitting back waiting for the boot again. Like the Kellogg’s panel.  So though you and I may have been paid and or got product testing from Toluna, this is very rare. I have long thought Toluna’s template is to allow their members to almost reach cash out, send a profile update and kick them. Toluna then can claim you no longer fit their needs. Because of course times change and well, perhaps they want someone younger, older, richer, or another race. I understand that and accept that. But most legitimate survey panels allow their members X amount of time to cash out before they are asked to leave. Outright booting is considered a scam.

I checked with several people pertaining to if Annika’s should blacklist Toluna and it was landslide YES. One even came out so far as to say they feel Toluna is nothing more than a scam. Which personally I have thought myself. I have worked hand and hand with their affiliate company and even that was hard to partake. I eventually had to leave because it was more of a struggle then it was anything else.

I would like to address those who say “Powered by Toluna” doesn’t mean it’s a Toluna survey panel. Read the Terms of Service as well as the domain whois. All confirm the panels are brought to you by Toluna. They are considered sister sites.

So though Toluna Survey sites will be listed on Annika’s, they will also be listed on the Survey Blacklist as a warning to others. 

———— My disclaimers apply. —————–

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Remove yourself from a Yahoo Group 2017

It appears as though the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Yahoo Groups Emails are no longer a working option. As this could end up being endless harassment if you are hacked and someone signs you up to tons, or you simply want out! I decided to write this up to help those left and confused as I was.

First and most importantly you need to know your username(email address) and password. After you have recalled that, go to You will be required to log in to see on the lower right hand side “Email Preferences” Click on that.  It should take you here: then you can see on the lower left again “Manage My Groups” When you click on that you have the option to change your email, yahoo ID, and the amount of postings you get from the group. If you simply want to leave the group, click on the name of the group. Once you are in the Yahoo Group you wish to remove yourself from look over on the right hand side says: “Membership” Click that, a drop down will appear. Select “Edit Membership”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Leave Group”. Just that simple. Shame the email to Yahoo Groups doesn’t work like it should be at least there is this option.

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Review: Green Chef Meals

I was blessed by Moms meet to review for free Green Chef Meals. I was excited as I’ve tried many types of food delivery. I was given two meals to cook and review as well as their general service.

Right off the bat I was confused. There wasn’t a sheet of everything included in the package like there is with other food deliveries. It would have been nice to have one checklist to confirm everything was packaged because even now after cooking everything I’m not 100% sure I got everything. I can’t imagine how others are feeling stepping into this out of the blue. I had to look over the cards like a check list.


img_2809Lemon-Chive Salmon and Italian Meatballs & Orzo. I cooked the Salmon first. Before I cooked I read over the directions. Right away I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as it should have been. I had to Google several things. I am not a chef, I do not have time to watch cooking shows and I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed. But I was. “Microplane” really? I asked several of my friends if they knew what that was, NOPE and one is a GREAT cook! (heck even now my Microsoft office says microplane isn’t even a word OH and WordPress too!!) I’ve never de-stemed dill let alone seen fresh dill. I’ve never chopped chives so didn’t know how much of that I was to chop either. Half, all, whole? How much is too much? HELP!  I’ve never minced garlic nor know how to do it. And I don’t eat dark green salads. img_2810

I also would have found it useful to list beginner recipes up to advanced. I personally feel this ordeal made me feel like I was lacking the proper intelligence to cook for my family. The pictures were misleading. Step 2 said to “zest whole lemon.” (Whatever that is.) Then in step 6 shows the whole lemon. So is the whole lemon zested or not?! The salmon was good but not worth the trouble, my own recipe is better. I do however like that the cards had the list of items needed.

The Italian Meatballs and Orzo was up next. I didn’t use the kale as we don’t eat that. Nor did I use the onions as I don’t eat onions. I didn’t just ‘wipe’ the mushrooms as they were COVERED in dirt! I washed them and would recommend others do the same unless you enjoy organic dirt. There was no directions on the amount of water needed to boil the pasta. Which was completely WRONG seeing as they eventually wanted me to save some water I didn’t have because it boiled away!  And by the way, I don’t know what ‘al dente’ is.  Go ahead make fun of me, but if you are going to give cooking directions give them in a language the person knows. BEGINNER! Again, something I didn’t know, sear. I know Sears is a store! The Italian Meatballs and Orzo is nothing more than dressed up Hamburger Helper with loads more work and of course organic.


This was interesting to take part in, but had I paid for it, I’d be asking for my money back. I realize they wanted a good review, and this is as honest as I can be. I have several friends and family who do Blue Apron which I’ve thought about myself and a few others I shall not name. I do hope the other companies are easier than Green Chef. I guess you need to be a chef to use Green Chef.img_2820

I do however think my aunt, mother and cousin would have had a blast doing this and sharing their tales. I was never taught to cook. I learned everything on my own as my mother died a month after I turned 18. Yes anyone can use the internet to look things up. I however took part in Green Chef to do something different, not do even more work. If you are looking for meal delivery that has everything laid out for you to cook in easy to understand directions with pictures, Green Chef is not for you.

About Green Chef • USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery service with pre-measured and largely prepped ingredients, including homemade sauces and marinades • Easy-to-master, chef-crafted recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers are ready in just about 30 minutes • Family Plan: Wholesome family-style dinners that appeal to parents and kids alike • 2-Person Plan (3 dinners a week for 2 people) • Omnivore: Crave variety? This diverse, flexible menu has meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners. • Carnivore: Meat and seafood lovers, dig in. Every dinner includes a land or sea protein plus veggies. • Gluten-Free: Always gluten-free and flavor-full, with meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners. • Vegetarian: More than just salads, every dinner makes veggies the star in unique, delicious ways. • Paleo: Eat like an epicurean caveman. This paleo menu is rich in fresh produce and proteins. • Vegan: Plant-based just got better. An innovative menu with natural, specialty ingredients. • Family Plan (2 dinners a week for a family of 4) • Omnivore or Carnivore

Learn more online Connect with Green Chef online to see their latest products and special offers!

As with all blog entries ALL of my disclaimers apply: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

Green Chef will be tracking the use of each individual link and will award the top 3 bloggers with 2 free weeks of Green Chef (value up to $225).

Discount Offer: New customers get $50 off their first box.

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Review: Chef Jenn Frozen Meals

I recently tried two of Chef Jenn’s frozen meals. I find it very hard to find meals I like, let alone can eat. I purchased and ate (not by myself!) both the Seafood Mac & Cheese, and the Seafood & Shrimp Alfredo. We didn’t have to add salt which is saying a lot when it comes to food being tasteless lately.


They sell for about $7.97 to $9.00.

I wasn’t expecting much out of it because it seems every time I’m pulled in by photos it doesn’t look anything like it in the end. But Chef Jenn knows what she is doing. This looks EXACTLY as pictured. It’s restraint quality without the price! It fills you up and yes, leaves you wanting more. I will be purchasing these again and hope Walmart doesn’t do what Giant Eagle does, and that is stops carrying the product after I purchase it every month!

Thank you Chef Jenn for creating meals I can eat, and can afford.

I enjoyed them so much I wasn’t compensated in anyway for this review. No coupons, money, gifts, even the meal itself.

chefjenn_content“Chef Jenn is a certified Women Owned company featuring products prepared and packaged in the USA.”

No 1-800 number on the back of the packaging to call and brag I loved it. But there is a web address: (which is pretty basic but I’m going to assume that’s because her food is getting all the funds.)

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I have Sleep Apnea!

I stop breathing 78 times an hour! Sounds impossible huh? I thought so. When trying to sleep I’d hear birds tweeting, dogs barking, doors closing, the furnace coming on, cars passing, trucks thumping, the house creaking, and the minutes passing on my clock. I had no idea since a young child I suffered from sleep apnea. It took me going to my doctor asking for prescription sleeping pills in a fit of lack of sleep for months on end. My doctor ordered an at home sleep study. Then I was to go in for a study which probes would be placed upon my head, legs, and a mic at my mouth. All to record me sleeping to see what my CPAP machine was to be set at.

I was told my machine would need to be set at 5.0 to 14.0. This didn’t sound right to me at all. And I quickly discovered it wasn’t. Though I was provided with the Wisp mask which is what I liked during my test, I was not provided with a heated tube. Heating makes a huge difference! I had to pressure my doctor and Corner Stone Medical into adjusting my machine to auto.  Unfortunately they set it at a baseline of 5.0 which is IMPOSSIBLE for me to breathe at. And gave me a full days migraine! I had to call and fight for it to start at 7.5. I wanted 8.0 but I didn’t want to push my luck. Sure enough after 2 weeks of my CPAP machine being set on auto, my prescription was 8.5.

It was very hard to adjust to the machine, and believe me I didn’t think I ever would. I also didn’t think it was necessary. I was mistaken on both. I now love my machine and know the difference it makes. I don’t hear anything but my breathing and the machine. I can’t wait till the summer to see if my neighbors air unit bothers me as much as it use to.

I’m writing this to share with you, that if you have CPAP machine and don’t feel your pressure is correct, speak up! You will never adjust correctly if you aren’t given the right prescription. Cornerstone Medical can set your machine to auto with your doctor’s permission to discover what you really should be set at. Sleeping in your own bed makes a huge difference to the results of a proper reading. I know for a fact I didn’t sleep during my CPAP reading test because the air unit was so loud it was like a truck idling beside me.

I’ve personally invested in filters, a pillow mask, a snuggle hose cover, heated tubing, and created what I call a deflector array for my mask. I couldn’t put up with the air blowing out of the mask onto my bangs. So be prepared to put some of your own extra funds in your comfort as insurance may not cover these extras. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing photos of these items, suggestions, tips, tricks and all and all general feedback.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to you getting a good nights sleep.

By the way, thought I’d share what Bing says about sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times.
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