Spidermetrix explained and reviewed in a walk through

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This site really isn’t like any other site out there. It’s very strange and often people have a hard time understanding it. But once you read this you will understand it no problem. (I hope)

Before you log in or even sign up you can see at the top right hand site of the screen, folder tabs. Which are labeled “Spiders – Ratings – Rewards – Fun – Info”

The one you will want to go to every so often is titled FUN.

Once you sign up and log in you are taken to the home page of your account. Pay close attention here to the Menu on the left hand side titled NOW OPEN. (Check this every time you log in.) There, you will find surveys you can take. The status of the survey will let you know when you can enter or not.

To back track a bit, in your home page of your account, click Profile page. Scroll to the bottom and fill those 8 surveys out for more points. They are open certain days of the week.

Now go over to that FUN button at the top right. Then click on SPIDER VOICE on the left hand side of the screen, forth one down.

Below on the bottom is where people’s posts have showed up after being approved by the editors. They can be rude and often wrong, and they can reject your posts because they just feel like it. They will tell you how your posts can’t show up and then 3 days later let someone else’s through of the same nature. (I know because I’m one of the many editors.) It’s random which editor does what. So there is no way of telling if you get one that checks them.

Go over to the right hand corner where you see the word submit at the top. Click that.

You will find yourself on a page in which you have to put a web address and rating of the site. Your job here is to explain why or why not you feel the site is such a way. Talk about details, graphics, fonts, design, and speed of the site. Or why the site is a scam, what had happened to you, or because your the boss, how you want things to change on a site or things.

After reading the postings on the forums it will give you an idea what to do. Be careful to post new sites or your posts will be rejected. You can only do 2 a week and be credited for them, so don’t rush let the editors post your posts before you rush off to do another review. Your posts are set at 24 hours before you can post another one.

You redeem your points for loads of things you can choose from in your account home page, under rewards.

When you get enough points, you are permitted to add your comments in the forum to other people’s posts.

Ignore the spiderchat, they claim it’s up but I have never had got it to work.

When you join you get a welcome email. I beg you read it. It will help. (Yes I know it’s long but if you want to know how to earn it’s well worth the read.) In case you haven’t got the welcome email I will provide a copy for easier convenience.

The chief let me know that they do not approve paid to read site postings, as well as survey sites, because it’s in direct competition with what they are doing. So please don’t waste your time on reviewing those type of sites, unless they are scam sites to warn others of your troubles. Ect. This is a great way to warn people off paying for survey lists.

I hope this information is helpful I know I was a bit lost when I first joined.

(Welcome email below)
Thanks for joining our spider family.

This is your introductory email, where we try to respond to the questions most of our new spiders ask. At the same time, you will also receive this month’s spiderByte, our newsletter. If you have chosen not to receive email from us, these are the ONLY two ‘promotional’ emails you will ever receive. Promise.

So, I’ve joined, now what do I do?

Your ‘Spider Home’ (the page you go to when you first login), contains links to most of what you need to do. It also shows your points summary, any messages we may send to you personally, and any late breaking news.

First thing you might like to do is complete your profiles (click the profile link from your spider home page). The main profile is open at any time, the extra sets are open on different days. Completing your profiles not only pays you points, it also increases your chances for being selected for a survey (see details on the profile page).

If you haven’t already done so, next you might like to take the Trial. Again you earn points for the trial, and it also gives you an idea of how we do things. For the Trial, click the Trial link on your home page.

Now check what public surveys are available right now. Click the Now Open link from your spider home page. A new Quickie opens every Friday, and generally stays open throughout the week. Sometimes it temporarily shuts down, and re-opens in a few hours.

From time to time, other opinion boards are also available under the SpiderVoice section. This section is currently under expansion, to accommodate for new and upcoming ways for spiders to Voice their opinion.

Finally, as you browse around, chances are you will be asking yourself one of the following questions. So, here are, the top ten questions new spiders ask:

1. Can I refer my friends?

Ok, rule number 1: we hate SPAM. We strongly discourage you from bugging other people, just like you probably dislike being sent SPAM email. You may invite people you know to join us, and more information can be found in your referrals page (from your Spider Home, click Referrals).

2. What do I get for referrals?

You get 1 point every time one of your referrals takes part in a full Rating (20 points or more). You do not get points for them joining, or participating in Quickies.

3. Where do I find the 20 point surveys?

What is listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ page, are only the public surveys. All spiders are able to participate in those, and usually pay one or two points. The Full Ratings (including web site ratings, general surveys, focus groups, discussion meetings etc. etc.) ARE NOT listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ page. Instead, when selected to participate, you will receive an email with a link to follow.

4. What’s this about ‘when selected to participate’?

Our clients nominate the profile of the spider they would like responses from. For example, they may choose only males, 18-24 year old, who live in Canada. Only spiders fitting that profile will be invited to participate in that particular survey. So, unless your profile fits the demographic being sought, you will not receive an invitation, and you will not see the survey listed in the Coming Soon page.

5. What are the Private surveys worth?

It varies greatly, but at least the minimum points for each spider species. As a Daddy Long Legs, the minimum is 20 points. Longer, more complex surveys may pay up to 50 points, Focus groups have in the past paid 300 points. When we invite you, we will tell you what is involved, and how much this particular survey is worth.

6. So, I may only ever get the 1 point for a quickie?

Unlikely, chances are you will be invited to a few surveys over time. Also, there are a number of other earning opportunities on our site:
Take the trial survey.
Complete your profile, all 9 sets.
Participate in SpiderVoice, various topics.
Participate in competitions run from time to time.
Win bonus points for providing good comments.
Win bonus points for constructive feedback for our site.

7. What competitions?

For example, the cute little spider on our home page was designed by one of our members, and earned her 200 points. Some issues of spiderByte may include a task, or question, and a response is usually worth something. Could be points, could be a freebie of some sort (we have been known to hand over eVouchers and stuff from time to time).

8. Do my points expire?

No, they have no expiry date, however we do ask you that you log into your account once every six months, so that we know you’re still with us, and still interested in being a spider. After six months of not hearing from you, we will close your account. You can then email us, at any time to re-open your account.

9. About technical problems?

The most common problem is an ugly message saying ‘blah blah blah SQL syntax blah blah’. This only happens if you have logged into our site more than once. Make sure you close all browsers, and log in again. Only one login can be supported at any one time.

10. Can we contact you people?

We’d love you to. We consider our spiders ‘family’ and we will do anything we can to make you feel the same way. If you ever have a problem, a concern, something you don’t like, please please please talk to us. If we don’t know, we can’t help you. Email support and we promise your enquiry will be dealt with by our support staff (no automatic emailers here, thank you!).

That’s it! Hope we have covered the basic stuff to make your journey into spiderLand enjoyable. There’s more FAQ under the Info (Home > Info > FAQ) and also our policy pages, also under info.


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Unfollow LinkedIn Contacts Easily

Unfollowing LinnkedIn contacts is now much easier then it use to be. I have for the longest time complained and contacted LinkedIn for an easier way to unfollow connections. I found it upsetting that simply by accepting a connection request you were automatically forced to follow their updates. And with Klout and the evil Empire Kred many were posting ONLY PICTURES on LinkedIn as updates! I guess these LinkedIn connections are really showing they need a job! I could understand if you are from a graphics artist, these people were not. Seriously pictures of like the sky, castles, lakes etc. As though it was some sort of social media platform used to waste time instead of a professional networking used to share, learn, get a job, and inform friends of things. I simply could not believe people were doing this for countless reasons besides stupidity. But whatever. That aside. I don’t need these time wasters, no understanding the concept of professionalism in my feed. So over the years I had manually unfollowed well over 1500 LinkedIn contacts when I got bored or added new contacts. Don’t get me wrong, I follow LinkedIn professionals who post professional things. Not pictures all freakin day long.

LinkedIn finally heard the pleas of I’m sure masses in the same boat as I. I’ve often Googled for apps that would unfollow, or ANYTHING that would simply work. I felt as though my life was wasting away. Click, click, unfollow, repeat. Until finally one day when I logged in and went hunting about.

BAM all the people you are following on LinkedIn one easy place. Click unfollow on those you wish to unfollow. It’s rather easy and SUPER quick if you have Chrome add ons that block all the spam and needless other things loaded on their site. This page is also an easy way to weed out connections you may have regretting connecting to in the first place. You know people with no photos, or no real profile who simply don’t belong there or forgot all about it. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/following/

Please note that LinkedIn figures are not exact. You will have less photos of people listed then what you are indeed following. By that I mean, you will have 150 pictured, but the following amount on the top of the page may say 160. Part of this is due to blocking people.

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Review: Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

I was blessed to get the Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste from MomsMeet to review. Let me tell you I was shocked! I was provided with SIX different toothpastes to test! It was like Christmas as there was other goodies as well. I admit I have never tried Cinnamon toothpaste before.  I went right for it when I saw it in the box. So I’m featuring it over the rest because its so pleasantly strange to me. All the toothpastes were great, left me with a long lasting feeling, CLEAN feeling as my tongue would slide across my teeth to check. I couldn’t tell any difference between this and other brands except I felt cleaner with less pressure scrubbing if that makes any sense. Some toothpastes I find I have to press hard to achieve their so called total cleaning. I felt no need to press hard while brushing. And my gums thanked me for it!

I found the Simply Cinnamon Himalaya toothpaste completely awesome. I didn’t want to stop brushing. It reminds me of Big Red Gum (if that’s still around) but not anywhere near as hot! I looked forward to brushing my teeth with it. It’s strange though brushing with green toothpaste. But then again most things natural are a bit strange, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

If you would like to try out Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste via Amazon use the coupon code: QS53LEGY To save 25%!

Below is the data I was provided and you should check out…

About Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste:

Great taste and long lasting flavor in all 7 different varieties. Full line of flavors: Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint, Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Simply Mint, Simply Cinnamon, Simply Spearmint and the Original Neem and Pomegranate toothpaste.

Free from harmful ingredients like, Carrageenan, Fluoride and SLS.

All 7 varieties are Gluten Free.

Foaming action leaves your mouth feeling fresh all day. •

Himalaya offers a different approach to ingredients.

Neem leaf cleans teeth and gives this formulation its sparkle. Neem is history’s original housekeeper and works to keep the mouth clean.

Pomegranate an astringent fruit extract that helps support healthy looking gums.

Triphala is a traditional detox formula in ancient Ayurveda composed of the three myrobalan fruits for clean teeth and a radiant smile. » Not only is Xylitol a tooth-friendly sweetener, but it has also been clinically-studied to support good oral hygiene.

Himalaya Botanique Whitening Complete Care Toothpaste contains Papain and Bromelain, the enzymes from papaya and pineapple, to help remove surface stains.

With regular brushing, this herbal formulation helps remove plaque, supports healthy-looking gums and maintains white teeth

Visit himalayatoothpaste.com to join Himalaya’s sampling program, where you can receive additional samples and coupons. Be sure to tell your readers, too! Learn more online

Connect with Himalaya online to see their latest products and get exclusive access to discounts and special offers! himalayatoothpaste.com


Where to purchase

Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste is available at the following retailers:

Online Retailers: • Amazon.com, Himalayausa.com

National health food stores:

Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage Regional health food stores:

PCC Natural Markets, Central Market, Mother’s Market, Earth Origins, King Soopers and many other small independent health food stores. Save on Himalaya!


*To adhere with FTC guidelines and consumer protection laws. all blog posts must include a written disclaimer as close to the top as possible. For example: “I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.” As with all my blog entries other disclaimers apply, see disclaimers link for details.

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How to manually update Pinball Arcade via Amazon

If you own Pinball Arcade via Amazon and I don’t mean the underground version, then this article is to help you. Be sure your icon for the game matches the one on this page: https://www.amazon.com/FarSight-Studios-Pinball-Arcade/dp/B0084HDG8Y/ You can tell there has been an update if you scroll down and look at Product details, latest developer update. Keep in mind, you can only update the app if there is an update for you. So you do have the ability to force an update if desired.

Kindle Fire: Turn the unit on. Click on the icon that says AppStore. Once loaded, click on the hamburger menu top left looks like =. Click On App Updates. Now you should see your Pinball Arcade listed there. Sometimes you have the ability to click the update button. Sometimes not. If not, and you know there is an update because the above link shows it updated on a certain day… click the actual game icon in that menu. It will lead you directly to the game page, click update. Once you open the game click the gear icon top right and select manage tables. Click download owned and also update all. That way you are fully set.

Kindle Fire second gen: Turn the unit on. Click the text at the top that says Shop, then click apps on the left menu. Click the hamburger menu at the top left, looks like =. Click On App Updates. Now you should see your Pinball Arcade listed there. Sometimes you have the ability to click the update button. Sometimes not. If not, and you know there is an update because the above link shows it updated on a certain day… click the actual game icon in that menu. It will lead you directly to the game page, click update. Once you open the game click the gear icon top right and select manage tables. Click download owned and also update all. That way you are fully set.

If you are unsure which is your Kindle, read and follow each set of directions to see which one you can follow via your Kindle.

I wrote this because I was really annoyed that Amazon hides this version even if you own it! So you can’t just go to the app in the store on the Kindle and select update like in the past. It took me a while to figure out how to force an update. I hope you find this useful and hopefully unnecessary as Amazon makes it possible to update right away.

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Amazon Introduces Discounted Monthly Prime Membership Offer for Customers Receiving Government Assistance!

Amazon has designed a discounted monthly Prime membership option for customers participating in a growing list of government assistance programs. Members get unlimited fast, free shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, unlimited photo storage, and savings on select items and subscriptions, for $5.99 per month.  You qualify if you have a valid Electronic Benefit Transfer card (EBT), used to disburse funds for several government assistance programs including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC). Click here to sign up today and enjoy all the great benefits of a Prime membership including FREE Two-Day Shipping, unlimited streaming to tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, ad-free music, and much more.  The new program allows eligible customers to get Amazon’s Prime membership for $5.99 a month, a savings of 46% off the normal $10.99 a month rate.

Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/l/16256994011/ 

*This offer does not include Household sharing of Prime benefits. You may receive this price for up to 48 months and will need to qualify every 12 months.

Disclaimer: I was offered to do this paid posting via Influence Central, I past and did it for free.

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CPAP In-Line Disposable Bacteria Filters – Get Some!

As previously mentioned I suffer from Sleep Apnea. I am paranoid about germs, always have been. So I went hunting one day to see what I could further do to make sure the air I was breathing in all night was better than the air I was breathing in all during the day. I found CPAP in-line bacteria filters. At first I was concerned that they might lower the level of air pressure I was getting then I was concerned about how well they might actually work.

I had purchased two types. Type one was hard plastic from Kinship Comfort Brands. These were pretty nice hard plastic but when connected just below my mask to the heated tubing it would squeak as it spun around with my movements. This was slightly annoying but nothing I couldn’t deal with. They cost about $33 for a package of ten via Amazon.

The second type I purchased was soft plastic from Health Care Essentials. The soft plastic I quickly figured out didn’t make any noise as it spun around my mask connection and heated tubing. This was downright awesome. But there was a bigger more horrible problem. These soft plastic filters smell rotten, off somehow I can’t put my finger on. They were $17.99 with free shipping and as you can see a massive price difference. The actual filters inside the plastic units are exactly the same. The numbering on each is exactly the same. It’s just the outside that’s different and of course the actual air smell quality.

I feel these filters are a must and I have even used them during Corner Stones meeting with a sleep specialist. So I know they recommend them as well or they wouldn’t use them themselves. I also know they are working because of the massive color change by the end of the month. If you have allergies, a smoker in the house, pets like dogs or cats please consider getting some of these filters.

About each product.
CPAP Filters housed in plastic frame.
Replace Disposable foam filter frame units with Single Use Only.
Kinship In-line Bacteria Filters are a must-have CPAP supply for any customer that suffers from allergies.
99.92% Bacteria CPAP/BIPAP Filters.
Disposable foam filter frame units are not intended to be cleaned, but rather changed out.
The second set of filters made of soft plastic:
AirLife disposable respiratory filter traps bacteria and viral particles by electrostatic attraction and its dense makeup. Filter provides defense against infection. Small, lightweight and translucent, our hydrophobic filter resists moisture and offers easy visualization of water buildup. Latex-free.

I noticed during the winter months when my house was closed up I didn’t notice the odor the second set of CPAP filters was giving off. So I’ll try and use those during the winter months to save money, but when my house is open to the fresh air I simply must have and recommend the Kinship CPAP in line filters. They are to be changed monthly. And they are larger than they appear. The actual filter unit is about the side of Pringles lid. I had hoped because I was placing it just below my mask it would be smaller easier to sleep with but I had to make due with it. They fit perfect on the Dreamstation CPAP machine by Philips Respironics.

As with all my blog entries this is my own ordeal insights and feelings. No money or trade was exchanged for this entry.

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How to Add a Custom Filter List to Adblock Plus

To add a custom filter list to AdBlock Plus simply follow these directions:

Right click the ABP red button on the top right of your browser.

Select Options.

On the Filter lists tab at the bottom click add filter subscription.

At the bottom of the list pick Add a different subscription.

Subscription title: Name whatever you wish.

Filter list location: Enter the EXACT URL to complete the action of the filter list you wish to add.

Then click add.

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